Technology Tools


Keeping Kids Safe Online - The Department of Public Instruction provides a list of resources and tools to help families and schools support the safe and responsible use and consumption of digital resources. 


Online Code Editor- Mozilla Thimble makes it easy to create and publish your own web pages while learning HTML, CSS & JavaScript.


Privacy Protection - DuckDuckGo provides privacy tips for online activity.


Charity Fraud - When disaster strikes, you can count on low-life cyber-scum exploiting disasters to trick people into clicking on links soliciting charitable giving for victims. Facebook pages, tweets and phishing emails that include spam links or links that lead to malware infection. Think before you click! To make a donation, go to the website of the charity of your choice.


Check Before You Click - VirusTotal is a free service that analyzes suspicious files and URLs and facilitates the quick detection of viruses, worms, trojans, and all kinds of malware. Be careful with email; it's one of the main infection methods of all malware and specifically of WannaCry ransomware.


Cyber Security - Take the Pew Research Center Cyber Security Knowledge quiz and review the correct answers.


Browser information Tool - Use to quickly identify your browser make and version, operating system, IP address, JavaScript, screen resolution, and more.


Librarian Recommended Apps - Thirty digital learning tools built to inspire creative learning experiences.


CLICK: Collaborate · Learn · Instruct · Create · Know - A student-generated technology resource center.


Google Arts and Culture - Arts and Culture is a new website and app offering an immersive art experience for remote users around the world. “Stories of the Day” include in-depth explorations of historical items or artworks in a format that mimics a book, combining high-quality images with interpretive text. 


Pixabay - All images and videos on Pixabay are released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0. You may download, modify, distribute, and use them royalty free for anything you like, even in commercial applications. Attribution is not required.


Format Painter - If you’ve cut and pasted web information into Microsoft Word, the fonts and spacing will vary from line to line. To use the format painter, highlight a line with the font that you want, click Format Painter on the left side of the Home tab, and highlight the rest of the text. It will copy all of the formatting onto the new text so everything will be the same.


4 Things Parents Should Know About Pokemon Go - Consumer Reports highlights some risks for kids. Embrace media mentorship in the library and incorporate it into the Pokemon Go programs


Tips for Protecting Your Digital Privacy - The Center for Democracy and Technology provides a  list of recommendations and a quiz to enhance your safety on the web.


Microsoft Office 2016 Overview - TechSoup illustrates the top new productivity, collaboration, and data analysis features.


Your Guide to Windows 10 - CNet guides to Windows 10 includes new features, the Edge browser, and general tips. TechSoup also provides illustrated guides for new Windows 10 users.


Office Eliptical - FitDesk products offer a variety of ways to exercise while reading or working from a laptop. Read and Ride programs have been successfully implemented in libraries and schools promoting health.


Google Books - The Google Books search engine will search for a specific content and provide links to find the book to borrow or purchase. If the book is out of copyright, or the publisher has given permission, you'll be able to see a preview of the book, and in some cases the entire text. If it's in the public domain, you're free to download a PDF copy. Reference pages are available for every book so you can quickly find all kinds of relevant information: summaries, book reviews, web references, maps and more.


Google Advanced Search offers a guide to search operators with links that scroll to descriptions with examples.


Correctly Inserting a USB Plug - Computers have USB (Universal Serial Bus) jacks that let you connect easily to printers, scanners, external drives, and other perhipherals. The simple way to never insert a USB plug the wrong is to make sure the metal plug with the seam is facing down. 


Smallpdf - Smallpdf is a free platform for converting and editing pdf files. Use Smallpdf to merge or split PDFs, to convert PDFs to or from Word or JPG, to compress PDFs to load quicker, and more.


PR Tools - Low cost tools for designing promotional materials include • PicMonkey (photo editor) Royale (subscription version) • Canva (design program)  •  Lucidpress (design program) • PosterMyWall (poster and collage program) • Jukebox (online printing company) •  Zazzle (online printing) •  vistaprint (pr products) • DeGraeve (color palette generator)  • Design Seeds (color palette guide) 


Go2Web20 - A directory of Web 2.0 applications and services. Hover over a logo for a basic description of the tool.


Google Search Engine Alternatives: 1. Bing  2. Blekko  3. Boardreader  4. BuzzSumo  5. CC Search  6. CrunchBase  7. DuckDuckGo  8. Quantcast  9. SocialMention  10. Technorati  11. Topsy  12. Wolfram|Alpha


Tech Tools Ready Reference - Functional categories of tech tools to help library staff engage with patrons while increasing digital literacy skills, including tools for digital storytelling, photo and video clip editing, converting file formats, and team collaboration.


OverDrives Most Frequently Asked Questions - OverDrive answers the top ten questions people have about using the digital library.


E-Cycle Wisconsin - Promote proper disposal of old electronics with promotional items including brochures, fliers, business cards, posters, infographics, magnets, pencils, and exhibit materials.


Teaching Tech to Patrons -  Practical skills for successful technology training.


Hemingway Editor - Hemingway is a simple text editor that offers corrections on your writing as you type. The app focuses on basic grammar, such as adverb use, passive voice, long sentences and more.


Get Cyber Safe - Increase your awareness of common online threats and make cyber safety as much a part of daily life as the Internet is.


A Secure Digital Footprint - A guide to web, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus privacy and security.


Measuring Broadband America - A project involving a rigorous nationwide study of consumer wireline broadband performance in the U.S. conducted to improve the availability of information for consumers about their broadband service.


Google Reverse Image Search - If you have an image and would like to find a larger size, from Google click the "Images" button (upper left) and then click the little camera icon in the search box. You can next do one of three things (1) upload the image - browse to where your image is on your computer (2) paste the URL of the image located on the web - right-click image and select Copy image URL or (3) drag and drop the image from your desktop into the search bar.  Hit the Search button and wait for Google's results.


5 Ways to Use Pinterest in Your Library - Open Education Database shares ideas (and follows up with more ideas) for how you can make the most of this popular social network for your library. 


Heartbleed: How to Stay Safe - An encryption flaw called the Heartbleed bug is already being called one of the biggest security threats the Internet has ever seen. Some Internet companies that were vulnerable to the bug have already updated their servers with a security patch to fix the issue. You'll need to go in and change your passwords immediately for these sites.To avoid sharing your old and new passwords with identity fraud and spam operators, wait to change your password until a website is running on a patched server that is no longer vulnerable to Heartbleed. Be sure to change your passwords by typing the website into your browser; avoid using any password reset email links.  To check websites that are free from Heartbleed visit Mashable for an up-to-date list of larger websites and advice regarding changing passwords. Heartbleed test can be used For smaller websites.


New Gmail Photo Share Button - Google recently added a feature to simplify sharing images through Gmail. Compose a new email and hover over the + icon to view the new photo option. Use it to quickly access and email photos from your mobile device.


Windows 7 Screen Shot Tool - Microsoft added a screenshot utility to the Accessories folder you'll find labeled Snipping Tool  under Start >All Programs >Accessories >Snipping Tool. After making your selection, the image is opened in a window with options to edit or save.


Wideo - Anyone can make Common Craft-style animated videos online with Wideo. Within the application, simply drag and drop elements such as text, cartoons, and drawings into place with the Wideo editor and then set the sequence of animations.  All visual elements can be flipped, rotated, shrunk, enlarged, and reused multiple times. The timing of each animation can be adjusted and music or spoken audio tracks can be added to bring your Wideo story to life.


Format Factory - Convert media files from one format to another with Format Factory, a file conversion tool for the Windows platform handy for reducing the size of a media file for uploading to the Web or for making files iPod or iPhone compatible. With a free download of Format Factory, you can convert common video formats such as AVI, MOV, WMV, and SWF to another video format. You can also convert image and audio files to popular formats.


Digital Device Training Resources

Visit WebJunction for resources and some practical guidance from a webinar on how to help patrons with a variety of gadgets.


CIPA Compliance Issues

WebJuntion Technology Consultant Bob Bocher addresses issues related to the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and its impact on public libraries:  • CIPA: Key Issues for Decision Makers (WebJunction)
 • Children's Internet Protection Act, CIPA: A Brief FAQ on Public Library Compliance (Department of Public Instruction)


Store and Share Files Online - Dropbox is a free service for securely storing and sharing files online - paid upgrades are available if you need more than 2 GB of space. Add docs, photos, and videos from anywhere and access it from your computers, phones, or tablets. Once installed, Dropbox appears as an icon in the system tray and a folder in My Documents. If you're not on a machine that has Dropbox installed simply log into the web interface.  Support is provided by the online Help center, as well as brief text instructions within the Dropbox folder.


Top Five E-Readers -  Ratings based on scores for screen technology, weight, battery life, memory and audio features and reviews: #5 Kobo Aura HD #4 Barnes & Noble NOOK Simple Touch Reader #3 Kobo Glo #2 Barnes & Noble NOOK Simple Touch Reader with GlowLight #1 Amazon Kindle Paperwhite.


eReader Travel Guide -  On ITATs (Insighful Travel and Tours) a librarian reviews different types of devices that work well for travel and compares features that enhance traveling needs.


Mouse Browse - In both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox you can hold the Shift Key on your keyboard and spin the mouse scroll wheel to browse forward or back to sites you're viewing on the Internet. 


Open Source for Libraries - Community-generated software portal for creators, users, and support providers and information about new packages, events, software releases, and support options and an institution's own use of open source software.

PreSchool Apps - School Library Journal offers a collection of their favorite starter apps for parents looking for quality, sure-to-please titles with links to full reviews and purchase information. The selections are primarily story apps with a range of animation and interactivity.