Trustee Meeting 2012.01.21

NWLS Board of Trustees Meeting
January 21, 2012
NWLS Headquarters, Ashland

1.  Call to Order/Roll Call

Tuula Harris called the meeting of the NWLS Board of Trustees to order at 12:02 pm.  

Present: Jim Basset (Sawyer County), Bill Bruen (Bayfield County), Buzz Byrne (Burnett County), Joel Certa-Werner (Douglas County), Dan Gretz (Sawyer County), Tuula Harris (Douglas County), Debbie Hohner (Iron County), Jamie Klema (Ashland County), Al Lundquist (Ashland County), Vivian Markley (Superior Public Library), Deb Nordgren (Douglas County), Mary Platner (Vilas County), Jim Trojanowski (NWLS Director), Linda Stobbe (NWLS Office Manager).  Several trustees attended remotely via GoToMeeting.

Excused: Mike Bobin (Washburn County), Jesse Burhans (Douglas County), Shirley Harrison (Vilas County), Dee Kittleson (Bayfield County), Laura Rachford (Burnett County), Tom Thompson (Iron County).

2.  Guest Comments None

3.  Approval of the November 12, 2011 NWLS Board Meeting Minutes

Mary Platner moved to approve the November 12, 2011 NWLS Board Meeting Minutes.  Al Lundquist seconded.  Carried unanimously. 

4. Election of Officers The Nominating Committee proposed Tuula Harris, President; Deb Nordgren, Vice-President; and Al Lundquist, Treasurer.  There were no nominations from the floor.  Mary Platner moved to close nominations and unanimously elect the slate of officers.  Dan Gretz seconded.  Carried unanimously.

5.  Approval of November and December, 2011 NWLS Expenditures

Bill Bruen moved to approve the November and December, 2011 Expenditures.  Mary Platner seconded.  Carried unanimously.  

6.  Approval of December 31, 2011 Financial Statement and Budget Report (pending audit)

Mary Platner moved to approve the December 31, 2011 Financial Statement and Budget Report, pending audit.  Al Lundquist seconded.  Carried unanimously. 

7.  Approval of purchase of Computer Equipment

Joel Certa-Werner moved to approve purchase of an email server, no monitor ($1812.63), two desktop computers with monitors ($1084.52 each), and a router ($2285).  Dan Gretz seconded.  Carried unanimously.

8.  Approval of Strategic Planning Process

Bill Bruen moved to approve the strategic planning process.  Mary Platner seconded.  Carried unanimously.

9.  Reallocation of Trustee Representation on NWLS Board

Public library systems must reallocate representation on their boards among member counties based upon each decennial census.  Iron County will have one representative, Douglas County will have 5. 

11.  Adjourn

Mary Platner moved to adjourn.  Jamie Klema seconded.  Carried unanimously.  The meeting adjourned at 12:43 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, 

Jim Trojanowski