Trustee Meeting 2013.07.20

NWLS Board of Trustees Meeting
July 20, 2013 NWLS Headquarters, Ashland Minutes

1. Call to Order/Roll Call
Tuula Harris called the meeting to order at 10:05 am. Present: Jim Basset (Sawyer County), Donna Bergum (Superior Public Library), Bill Bruen (Bayfield County), Jeff Burke (Vilas County), Buzz Byrne (Burnett County), Clarence Campbell (Ashland County), Dan Gretz (Sawyer County), Tuula Harris (Douglas County), Sandy Mackie (Washburn County), Deb Nordgren (Douglas County), Mary Platner (Vilas County), Laura Rachford (Burnett County), Jim Trojanowski (Director), Linda Stobbe (Office Manager). Some trustees attended remotely via GoToMeeting. Excused: Jessie Burhans (Douglas County), Dee Kittleson (Bayfield County), Jamie Klema (Ashland County), Vivian Markley (Douglas County), Robert Mock (Douglas County), Jim Pearson (Washburn County), Tom Thompson (Iron County).

2. Guest Comments None.

3. Approval of the May 18, 2013, NWLS Board Meeting Minutes
Motion by Laura Rachford, second by Jeff Burke to approve the May 18, 2013 Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes. Motion carried unanimously.

4. Approval of May and June, 2013, NWLS Expenditures
Motion by Laura Rachford, second by Sandy Mackie to approve the March and April, 2013 NWLS Expenditures. Motion carried unanimously.

5. Approval of June 30, 2013, Financial Statement and Budget Report
Motion by Dan Gretz, second by Mary Platner to accept the June 30, 201 Financial Statement and Budget Report. Motion carried unanimously.

6. Approval of LSTA Grant Applications
Jim Trojanowski and Linda Stobbe discussed the proposed applications, which included one each in the Delivery Services, Public Library System Technology Projects, Digital Content Buying Pool, and Literacy categories. Motion by Laura Rachford, second by Mary Platner to approve the applications. Motion carried unanimously.

7. Approval to eliminate NWLS Policies
For various reasons, the NWLC Circulation Policy for Libraries and Institutions, Use of Training Lab and Equipment, and Sharing T-1 Lines with Municipalities policies are no longer necessary. Motion by Jeff Burke, second by Buzz Byrne to eliminate these three policies. Motion carried unanimously.

8. Approval to purchase new Cisco router
There have been Internet performance problems for a few weeks. One potential source of the problem was the Cisco router, which was due for replacement this year anyway. The router has been purchased and installed since it affects service to all member libraries, but board approval is required. Motion by Buzz Byrne, second by Sandy Mackie to approve purchase of a Cisco Router in the amount of $1,625. Motion carried unanimously.

9. Adjourn
Tuula Harris declared the meeting adjourned at 10:35 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Trojanowski