Trustee Meeting 2014.05.17

NWLS Board of Trustees Meeting
May 17, 2014 Minutes
NWLS Headquarters, Ashland

1. Call to Order/Roll Call: Tuula Harris called the meeting to order at 10:04 am.

Present: Jim Basset (Sawyer County), Bill Bruen (Bayfield County), Jessie Burhans (Douglas County), Jeff Burke (Vilas County), Buzz Byrne (Burnett County), Clarence Campbell (Ashland County), Tuula Harris (Douglas County), Dee Kittleson (Bayfield County), Sandy Mackie (Washburn County), Vivian Markley (Douglas County), Robert Mock (Douglas County), Hilary Neste (Washburn County), Mary Platner (Vilas County), Tom Thompson (Iron County)Jim Trojanowski (Director), Linda Stobbe (Office Manager).

Excused: Donna Bergum (Superior Public Library), Jamie Klema (Ashland County), Laura Rachford (Burnett County).

2. Guest Comments: None.

3. Approval of the March 15, 2014, NWLS Board Meeting Minutes: Motion by Vivian Markley, second by Mary Platner to approve the March 15, 2014 Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes. Motion carried unanimously.

4. Approval of March and April, 2014, NWLS Expenditures: Motion by Sandy Mackie, second by Bill Bruen to approve the March and April, 2014 NWLS Expenditures. Motion carried unanimously.

5. Approval of April 30, 2014, Financial Statement and Budget Report: Motion by Dee Kittleson, second by Mary Platner to approve the April 30, 2014 Financial Statement and Budget Report. Motion carried unanimously.

6. Report from Library Liaison to NWLS Board of Trustees: Library Liaison Teresa Schmidt was unable to attend the meeting so there was no report.

7. Discussion of the role of Library Liaison to the NWLS Board of Trustees: Tabled until July, 2014 meeting.

8. Approval of Member County Appropriation Requests
Jim Trojanowski distributed a spreadsheet showing the history of county funding requests by NWLS since 2006. The last increase was $250 per county for 2009. Trustees discussed whether the system can continue to provide the same level of service without an increase and the fiscal constraints counties face. Motion by Jeff Burke, second by Robert Mock to request a 3% increase from the counties. On a voice vote the motion failed 6-7, with Jeff Burke, Vivian Markley, Robert Mock, Hilary Neste, Mary Platner, and Tom Thompson voting in favor. Motion by Mary Platner, second by Sandy Mackie to request a 2% increase. Motion carried 11-2, with Jim Bassett and Robert Mock opposed.

9. Approval of NWLS Personnel Handbook:
Motion by Bill Bruen, second by Dee Kittleson to approve changes to the NWLS Personnel Handbook as recommended and to incorporate an additional change in the vacation policy under “accumulation” stating that “At the end of the year employees may carry up to the amount of vacation they accumulate in 6 months into the following year.” Motion carried unanimously.

10. Approval of Travel Reimbursements for Librarians Attending WIN Meeting:
Motion by Robert Mock, second by Buzz Byrne to approve reimbursements of $25 for one person from each library who must travel at least 50 miles each way to the WIN meeting in Ladysmith and $50 for those who travel at least 100 miles each way. Motion carried unanimously.

11. Update on Project WIN: Jim Trojanowski provided a brief update on the process.

12. Director’s Report:
Jim distributed an activity sheet for management staff for the months of March and April.
On May 21 Jim will meet with people in Minong to discuss the process for establishing a public library under Chapter 43 of the Wisconsin Statutes.
Jim provided an update on the COLAND meeting held in Madison on May 16.
Bayfield Carnegie Library has announced the appointment of Blair Nelson to be its next director beginning on June 2, 2014.
Linda Stobbe discussed the series of trustee webinars to be held this summer.

13. Adjourn: Tuula Harris declared the meeting adjourned at 11:38 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Trojanowski