Trustee Meeting 2016.05.21

Minutes of the NWLS Board of Trustees
May 21, 2016
NWLS Headquarters, Ashland


1. Call to order / Roll Call

Jeff Burke called the May 21. 2016 meeting of the NWLS Board of Trustees to order at 10:00 a.m.

Present:   Jim Bassett (Sawyer County), Donna Bergum (Douglas County), Jeff Burke (Vilas County), Connie Cogger (Bayfield County), Buzz Byrne (Burnett County), Clarence Campbell (Ashland County), Al Lundquist (Ashland County), Sandy Mackie (Washburn County),Vivian Markley (Douglas County), Robert Mock (Douglas County), Mary Platner (Vilas County), Laura Rachford (Burnett County), Sherry Machones (NWLS Director) and Linda Stobbe (NWLS Office Manager).

Excused:  Dian DeLong (Sawyer County), Jocelyn Ford (Washburn County), Dee Kittleson (Bayfield County), Kathryn McKenzie (Douglas County), Jan Pierce (Douglas County), Teresa Schmidt (Library Liason), Tom Thompson (Iron County)

2. Public Comment: None

3. Minutes of the March 12, 2016 Board of Trustees Meeting

Laura Rachford moved to approve the minutes of the March 12, 2016 Board of Trustees meeting.  Buzz Byrne seconded.  Carried unanimously.

4. March and April 2016 NWLS Expenditures

Sandy Mackie moved to approve the March and April 2016 NWLS Expenditures.  Al Lundquist seconded.  Carried unanimously. 

5. April 30, 2016 Financial Statement and Budget Report

Laura Rachford moved to approve the April 30, 2016 Financial Statement and Budget Report.  Robert Mock seconded.  Carried unanimously. 

6. Approval of Amended 2016 Budget

Laura Rachford moved to approve the Amended 2016 Budget.  Sandy Mackie seconded.  Carried unanimously.

7. Purchase of new laptop computer for staff use

Laura Rachford moved to approve the purchase of a new laptop computer for staff use.  Robert Mock seconded. Carried unanimously. 

8. Approval of Member County Appropriation Requests

Sandy Mackie moved to request a one percent increase from the counties for 2017.  Laura Rachford seconded.  Carried unanimously. 

9. Approval of revised Position Descriptions for Office Manager and Director

Laura Rachford moved to approve the revised position description for the Office Manager and Director.  Sandy Mackie asked about delegating some of the responsibilities to someone other than the director. Sherry Machones explained the need for experts in the areas of those responsibilities and her previous qualifications. Al Lundquist seconded.  Carried unanimously.

10.Discuss and Consider WI Library System Wage Study

Tabled to the July meeting.

11.Director’s Report

Updates from member libraries:

  • The Walter Olson Memorial Library in Eagle River is fundraising for their building project. If they cannot raise the required funds, they will have to go with a new design.
  • The Bayfield Library completed their building renovation.
  • Ida Nemec, the Director at Sayner, announced she will retire in January.
  • Webster received an increase of $5,000 in their budget and have expanded hours.
  • The Mercer Library hosted the COLAND (Wisconsin Council on Library and Network Development) yesterday.
  • The Iron River library is moving forward with their expansion plans and have hired an architect. The Town gave their permission but will not be funding the project.
  • Many libraries are collaborating on programming.

Updates from the system:

  • There has been a few changes to our Board member roster. Mike Bobin and Patti McDermott have resigned from the Board. New to the Board will be Jocelyn Ford and Kathryn McKenzie.
  • Since COLAND was in Mercer, John Debacher from DPI, came up Thursday. I arranged a meeting with staff at Red Cliff. We met with two of the education department staff for almost 2 hours. It was a great discussion and all parties are very excited in the future. There are still some hurdles for them to become reestablished. Funding for staff is the primary concern, with a certified librarian. Past plans in this area are no longer feasible.
  • We have demonstrated the need for more bandwidth for our system and have agreed to increase our bandwidth from 100 mbps to 200 mbps. TEACH had some extra money this year so the increase in bandwidth is at no cost to us for now. We did need to upgrade our router so it could handle the increase, at a cost of $6,882. The new bandwidth should be in place by the end of June.

Updates from the Director:

  • I am still doing library visits. I have visited 14 of the 28.
  • The COLAND meeting yesterday was very informative. Most of the Council made the trip to Mercer, which was a great boon to the local economy. Everyone that attended loved the area up here. Teresa and I gave a small presentation on our system and the history of the Mercer library. There was a lot of talk about the impact of the PLSR to our systems’ budget requests to the legislature. There is still some work to be done to make sure DPI, WEMTA, WLA, and SRLAAW are all on the same page. There was a lot of information given about a new education portal and broadband developments.
  • The SRLAAW committee I am on presented the governmental relations contract for approval to SRLAAW at WAPL. There were some last minute information requests and will go to a final vote in August. I will be presenting the contract to the WLA Board in June to see if they have any revisions. The general consensus at the SRLAAW meeting was that everyone agreed to the 1/10th of 1 percent formula to be split by systems and resource libraries, and everyone would be participating.
  • I went to the WAPL conference in Oshkosh last week. I was the proxy for the WPLC meeting where the future of the e-magazine offering was discussed and increasing the e-book buying pool by 150,000. The WPLC Board will make its final decisions in early June. There was a lot of talk about the PLSR project. Many librarians are very worried about what changes will result from it after the 2-3 year workgroups are done. Workgroups will start meeting in the next few weeks. I also presented at this conference and led a WISL Board meeting. Also, as of the last day of WAPL, it looks as if Mid Wisconsin Library System will merge with Eastern Shores Library System by July.
  • I have partnered with WVLS on a Youth Services LSTA grant for this fall. The topic will be on Cyber-Security & Privacy training for tweens and teens. We submitted the grant request last week and we are approved.
  • I won an ALA Election. I am now serving on the Executive Board of the GLBTRT for the next 3 years.

12. Adjourn

Jeff Burke declared the meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Sherry Machones

NWLS Director