Trustee Meeting 2016.07.16

NWLS Board of Trustees
July 16, 2016
10:00 a.m.
NWLS Headquarters, Ashland

1. Call to Order/Roll Call
Jeff Burke called the meeting to order at 10:09 am.

Present: Jim Bassett (Sawyer County), Donna Bergum (Douglas County), Jeff Burke (Vilas County), Buzz Byrne (Burnett County), Clarence Campbell (Ashland County), Connie Cogger (Bayfield County), Dian Delong (Sawyer County), Sandy Mackie (Washburn County), Vivian Markley (Douglas County), Robert Mock (Douglas County), Mary Platner (Vilas County), Laura Rachford (Burnett County), Teresa Schmidt (Mercer Public Library), Sherry Machones (Director), Linda Stobbe (Office Manager)and Michelle Gostomski (Office Manager).
Excused: Dee Kittleson (Bayfield County), Jocelyn Ford (Washburn County), Al Lundquist (Ashland County), Jan Pierce (Douglas County), Kathryn McKenzie (Douglas County), Tom Thompson (Iron County)

2. Guest Comments
Introduction of Michelle Gostomski to the Board as our new Office Manager.

3. Approval of the May 21, 2016, Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
Motion by Sandy Mackie, second by Connie Cogger to approve the May 21, 2016 Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes. There were no comments. Motion carried unanimously.

4. Approval of May and June 2016 NWLS Expenditures
Motion by Jim Bassett, second by Robert Mock to approve the May and June 2016 NWLS Expenditures. Motion carried unanimously.

5. Approval of June 30, 2016, Financial Statement and Budget Report
Motion by Jim Bassett, second by Donna Bergum to accept the June 30, 2016 Financial Statement and Budget Report. Motion carried unanimously.

6. Preliminary Budget Discussion
Motion by Jim Bassett, second by Sandy Mackie to begin work on the 2017 NWLS Budget using 2% as the cost of living increase. Motion carried unanimously.

7. Approval of Travel Policy Revision
Motion by Jim Bassett, second by Robert Mock to approve the Travel Policy revision. Motion carried unanimously.

8. Approval of Employee Handbook Revsions
Motion by Laura Rachford, second by Jim Bassett to approve the Life Insurance policy. Motion carried unanimously. Motion by Jim Bassett, second by Laura Rachford to approve the Vacation policy. Motion carried unanimously. Motion by Laura Rachford, second by Buzz Byrne to approve the Compensatory Time policy. Motion carried unanimously.

9. WI Library System Wage Study
This item will be added to the September 2016 meeting agenda.

10. Director’s Report
Sherry Machones reported on the following items:
Updates from member libraries:
• Spooner Library Director, Jane Frankiewcz, officially retired at the end of June. The Youth Services Librarian in Spooner, Angela Bodzislaw has replaced Jane.
• Pam Eschenbauch has officially given her retirement notice and will retire at the end of December. I will be presenting to the interview committee about the hiring process the first week of August.
Updates from the system:
• The flooding of the area to the east of Ashland has created a lot of problems with our delivery. Depending on the timeline to reopen the roads, we may have to change delivery to the east side to a 2 days a week schedule.
Updates from the Director:
• I presented the SRLAAW contract to the WLA Board in June and it was passed unanimously. It will now go to SRLAAW in August for a final vote.
• I am working with WVLS staff, the Director of Minocqua Public Library, and the Arbor Vitae and Minocqua City Boards to come to a new cross county payment agreement.
• I was chosen to serve on the WI DPI Standards Revision committee. This is working in conjunction with the PLSR Project. We are meeting and should have the standards revised by the end of October.
• I was also chosen to serve on WI DPI New Director Boot Camp committee. The New Director Boot Camp will be at the Fairfield Inn & Suites-Wausau, in Weston, on September 29-30, 2016.
• I am also working on the WI DPI Job Seeker Portal committee.
• PLSR Project teams are meeting frequently, working on deliverables for the end of October. In our system, Sue Heskin, Teresa Schmidt, Mike Sheehan, and I are on teams.
• I will have my full report on my ALA Conference at our next meeting.
• I have visited 17 of the 28 libraries.

11. Adjourn
Jeff Burke adjourned the meeting at 11:05 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Sherry Machones, Director