Sierra Circulation of WISCAT Interlibrary Loans

The following tasks involve checking out items received though WISCAT using Sierra Circulation (see visual pdf version)

WISCAT Instructions

1. Log into WISCAT and look up the WISCAT request. Change the status to received.
2. (If you do not use WISCAT bookstraps, skip to #3 below)
Bookstrap instructions: On the Staff Menu/ILL Admin screen, Choose Maintain Bookstraps on the menu (left).
    a. Select an iitem(s) or SELECT ALL and choose Format to Print (top).
    b. To print, click the Print icon (above) or right-click on the white part of the screen to select print options.
    c.  Use removable tape to secure the bookstrap to the outside of the book.
3. Use removable tape if you secure the WISCAT paperwork to the inside of the front cover.

Sierra Instructions

Check Out Function

1. From the Sierra Checkout Function open the patron record.

2. In the barcode search box enter the WISCAT request number from the shipping slip.

3. Click the NEW icon at the top of screen.

4. If you are prompted for a BIBLIOGRAPHIC template select Interlibrary Loan.

5. At the AUTHOR prompt: enter author in all caps, last name first.  Next.

6.  At the TITLE prompt: enter title in caps (for AV include format, such as [DVD].  Next.

(If a duplicate record prompt pops up, close it.)

7. At the ITEM record prompt: select from the ILL template options (XX ILL Adult Book/Audio). Select.

8. At the IMEDIA prompt: double-click the UNDEFINED box and then double-click the appropriate material type.  Next.

9. At the CALL # prompt: enter the lending library's code and name (MW Milwaukee PL 110325). Next.

10. After the prompts, the record can be edited by double-clicking in the box fields. For iMessage choose X: Interlibrary Loan! Next.

11. A NOTE field can be inserted so you can enter the WISCAT due date.

12. Click the Save icon.

13. At the message prompts:

  • If your iMessage popus up click OK
  • Choose NO at the prompt to change the "unavailable" status.
  • Choose NO to checkout.

14. Place a hold on the item for the patron:
      a. Select Holds then select Add Holds.
      b. Change the search index to Barcode and enter the barcode.
      c. Click Hold Selected Item and Override the block. Place the hold.
      d. Close the patron record.

15. From the Check In function, enter the WISCAT barcode. At the message prompts:

  • Choose NO to clear the status of UNAVAILABLE
  • Choose Yes to check it in
  • Choose Yes to print a slip to place in the book


1.  Look up the request in WISCAT, change status of request to Renewal and submit.

2.  When lender responds “Accepted Renewal” in WISCAT, 

3. In Sierra check the item in and then check it out to the patron again.