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Tutorials in Text Format

Sierra Circulation Overview (pdf) 

Circulating Interlibrary Loans in Sierra - Procedures for processing WISCAT items

Sierra Circulation Manual (large pdf)  

Offline Circulation - When the Sierra server is down, the Offline Circulation program can record checkout transactions. Once the Sierra connection is re-established, staff can upload the transactions to the server.

Patron Registration Manual(pdf) - A best practices guide to searching, creating, and editing records. Includes patron confidentiality issues

Online Registration:

  • Temporary records created through the online patron registration program are limited to two holds. The temporary accounts are given a Patron Type code of Online (117).

  • To activate full circulation privileges, staff will need to add to the new account a valid Patron Type, County, Township, and Barcode before items are checked out on it. To delete the "temporary" alert message, right click on the message and select "delete field." Save the changes.

Automatic Holds - Offers an explanation of automatic holds

Automatic Holds FAQ - Covers many features of automatic holds

Merlin Web Notices FAQ - An explanation of the print, email, and telephone notification system generated by Merlin

Daily Tasks - Procedures for the daily Merlin maintenance tasks for holds and notices

Tutorials in Video Format

(View in Windows Media Player or YouTube)

Searching the Sierra Patron Database:  Windows Media Player   • YouTube
Patron Records: Windows Media Player  • Youtube
Creating New Patrons: Windows Media Player  • YouTube
General Navigation of Sierra:  Windows Media Player  • YouTube
Processing a fine in Sierra:

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Sierra Holds - Procedures for creating a hold:

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Sierra Hold Pickups - Procedures for checking out items on the holdshelf:

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Sierra Patron Records - Procedures for creating a new patron record:

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