Sierra Inventory Procedures


NWLS recommends a collection inventory every five years and has a library rotation schedule, inventory equipment and instructions. NWLS runs reports from the inventory data to identify problems with any shelved items. NWLS can also provide weeding reports prior to an inventory project. For libraries preferring to use a scanning device, an inventory kit is available from NWLS. Another option is to use a laptop and barcode scanner. See the Inventory Manual for more information. 


The inventory program uses the Motorola Symbol CS3000 Scanner. Included with the equipment is a checklist and user manual.


1.    Scanner kit
2.    Wrist strap
3.    Power supply


Charging the Scanner

  • Unpack the kit.
  • Remove the scanner with wrist strap from the slip case.
  • To charge the scanner battery, plug the USB host cable into the interface port end of the scanner and the other end into the USB power supply that plugs into a wall outlet. The device will flash orange until charged - after about three hours. A full charge will display a steady green light.
  • To check the remaining charge, hold the scan + button for 15 seconds. A flashing green light indicates a full charge. A flashing amber light indicates less than eight hours remaining. A flashing red light indicates less than one hour remaining.

Before You Begin

  • The - button has been disabled and will not function.
  • There is no need to export the file from a device until the inventory is complete. 
  • The scanner will accept all barcode patterns used by Merlin libraries.

Getting Started

  • Once charged, a device is ready to use. Unplug it from the USB host cable.
  • Press the + button with your thumb to enable the red laser light and scan in the barcodes
  • The scan line must cross every bar and space on the barcode to read it properly.
  • The scanner beeps and the light turns green when the scan is successful.
  • Data from the scan does not display, so repeat the scan when in doubt about what you just scanned. Duplication will be corrected.
  • Data scanned is automatically saved to a .txt file. 


Transmit Barcode Data to Staff PC

  • Create a folder on a PC desktop and name it Inventory Files.
  • Plug the USB host cable into the interface port end of the scanner and the other end into the USB port on the PC.
  • Navigate to the drive named CS3000 - it may be a D or E drive.
  • Double-click on the Scanned Barcodes folder to open it.
  • Rename the BARCODES text file to a unique name to avoid overriding files.
  • Highligh your new data file and hit Ctrl and X to cut it.
  • Navigate to your Inventory desktop folder and paste (Ctrl and V).
  • Close the Scanned Barcodes folder.
  • Follow the "safely remove hardware" functions for your PC.
  • Unplug the device from the PC.
  • Send an email to NWLS with attached files from the Inventory folder.

Finishing Up

  • When completely finished with the inventory, please repack the kit as you received it.
  • Send an email to NWLS with attached files from the Inventory folder.


The inventory process provides an opportunity to work with lists of items in your collection:

  • Sort list of inventoried items by Barcode to check for barcodes that aren't yours.
  • Sort list of inventoried items by Status to check for items on the shelves that don't have a status of "Available"
  • Sort list of items not inventoried and without due date by Status to check for "Available" items not on the shelves that should be deleted.