Delivery Services

Northern Waters Library Service contracts with Action Logistics for delivery and connects to South Central Library System’s delivery service through WaltCo, Inc. The South Central delivery service connects to all other library delivery services in Wisconsin.

The delivery network consists of Wisconsin public libraries, UW System libraries, private university and college libraries, public and private K-12 school libraries, government and institutional libraries, corporate and other special libraries. Also part of the network is MINITEX, which connects us with libraries in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota.


Delivery procedures are available for the following 

  • Delivery Containers
  • Delivery labels
  • Routing to NWLS libraries
  • Routing to downstate libraries
  • Routing to academic libraries
  • Routing to MINITEX
  • Lost items


The NWLS delivery timetable is updated regularly and sent to the statewide Delivery Networks Members List.


For the latest Wisconsin delivery network news, refer to Get In The Van: News and Items of Interest for the Wisconsin Libraries' Delivery Service Network Members.


When routing items outside of the NWLS area, refer to the regularly updated online Delivery Network Members List. Send items by U.S. mail to libraries not on the Delivery Network Members List.