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Wisconsin's Digital Library


Wisconsin's Digital Library collection includes downloadable ebooks, audiobooks, films, and music accessible to Wisconsin residents with a library card. You are currently limited to a maximum of ten checked outs and ten holds. Titles, available to one user at a time, can be reserved and will trigger email notification when they become available for checkout.

Getting Started

To get started, visit Wisconsin's Digital Library Help Center


Searching Kindle Specific Titles
After signing in, use the Advanced Search and pick the Kindle for format to view Kindle specific titles.

OverDrive Advantage Program

The OverDrive Advantage program purchased by NWLS in 2013 offers you exclusive access to items purchased on a monthly basis to help reduce waiting time for popular titles. To access Advantage titles, sign in before browsing the Wisconsin Digital Library catalog.

Recommend OverDrive Titles
Anyone can now recommend titles to the library using a "Recommend to Library" feature. To use this feature:

  • First login to your account and perform a search for your title in the Wisconsin Digital Library.
  • If your title is not listed in the Library Collection, click the Additional Titles* button at the top of the list.
  • You can then see all available titles in the OverDrive collection, including those that the library has not yet purchased. These titles will be indicated with a "Recommend" button.
  • After clicking the "Recommend" button, you will see a popup window.  You can choose to be notified by email if the library decides to purchase your title and also be placed on the wait-list when the title is purchased.
  • Click "Recommend this Title" to finish the process.

*Please note that the library can only purchase materials from the "Additional Titles" list. Titles not on this list are most likely absent because of publisher restrictions. Recommendations are not a guarantee that the library will purchase the title and are subject to factors such as available funds.

Patron Accounts
When you replace a library card, holds placed using the old card will NOT automatically transfer to the new card. You must notify NWLS so we can promptly transfer the holds to your new account. If an old account doesn't have holds, it shouldn't cause any problems to simply start using the new card. Please include your name and old and new barcodes in the message.

EBSCOhost eBooks

A rich collection of digital resources, including books, journals, and database content is provided by EBSCO in the BadgerLink database portal. EBSCO offers a growing collection of over 250,000 titles. Thousands of eBook titles are loaded each month from hundreds of leading publisher partners in more than 30 languages. In BadgerLink log in with your library card and select the EBSCO Database List, then select the eBook Collection. Sign into your EBSCO account at the top of the page.  EBSCOhost provides easy navigation functionality, including the ability to read full-text documents and to download titles to most popular portable devices. 
• Requirements: 
  1. A library card from a Merlin member library.
  2. Download Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) software to your computer and 
    activate it
  3. An EBSCO account
Accessing the Collection: (Navigate to the following on the web)
  1. Library Card Access (login)
  2. eBook Collection
  3. Sign In (Login to your EBSCO account)
  4. Search, browse by category, or view featured books
  1. Choose a title and a due date (1-14 days) 
  2. Select the Checkout and Download button, 
  3. Sign out after the title opens with Adobe Digital Editions.
Transferring titles from ADE to a Portable Device
  1. While ADE is open, connect the portable device to your computer
  2. ADE will recognize your device. Click borrowed and drag the checkouts to the device name in the list
  3. On your computer in the device DE folder, copy the PDF or EPUB file and paste it into the My Documents folder on your device
  4. Close ADE on your computer and disconnect your device
  5. On your device click the eBook folder and choose the title to read.

LearningExpress eBooks

The LearningExpress skills databases provides ebooks in PDF format to view or to save to your computer. A list of LearningExpress tests, courses and ebooks are available from the Merlin Featured Lists. Click on the download link to access the PDF. 

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Other Digital Media

Electronic content is also available through other vendors offering free or individual subscription services (see "Other" ebooks listed below.)
EBSCOhost (BadgerLink)


Apple Book Apps

Search Apps
  • eBook Search - Search and download free ebook files as open ePub to use in readers such as iBooks, Bluefire Reader, Free Books, OverDrive, and more.
  • Free Books - A more graphical, genre-based search with a built-in reader for free books. Will import ePub files with a Dropbox account.
Reader Apps
  • Bluefire Reader - A reader for ePub and PDF files that allows you to keep books from multiple sources in one place.
  • Flipboard - A design-centric RSS feed and social media reader with lots of great free content for iPhone and iPad.
  • CourseSmart - Textbooks on the iPad with features including highlighting and annotation.
  • eTextbooks - A free app that compliments the CourseSmart service with keyword searching, applying notes to pages, etc.
  • iBooks - iBook Store Includes options for organizing collections, screen display features include nighttime theme, bookmarking features, navigation tools and iBookstore sampling.
  • Kindle - For reading Kindle Amazon books from iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Optimized for reading Kindle books, newspaper, and magazines.  Includes features for screen display, a dictionary, content searching, and bookmarking features.
  • Nook - For reading NOOK books, magazines, and newspapers from Barnes & Noble from an iPad. 
  • OverDrive - OverDrive Media Console eBook reader app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, and audioBook player for accessing titles from the WPLC digital download center.