Sierra Express Lane

Express Lane is the fully functional, cost-effective solution for self-service in your library, empowering patrons and freeing staff to focus on the critical services patrons need today.  Express Lane offers a way for patrons to check out and renew library materials, cancel holds, as well as update information in their patron account using a library PC or Mac workstation. Now that's the way to end traffic jams at your library!

With the rise of usage and flat or declining funding, self-service technologies have become more of a necessity. Express Lane offers libraries a user-friendly way for patrons to check out their own library materials that's as easy to use as the Merlin online catalog. For added convenience, libraries have the option to offer patrons detailed information such as their held items, fines, and overdues, or to integrate with Millennium Ecommerce for one-stop fine payment. 

This kind of flexibility and sophistication is made possible by Express Lane’s complete integration with Millennium software. This means your library is not limited by the functionality of any single piece of hardware and is able to take advantage of all of Millennium’s circulation and statistical power. By utilizing intuitive and modular hardware options such as touch screens, Express Lane gives libraries the flexibility to put self-service stations wherever they are needed. Libraries can also select colors, create custom patron messages, and include a library logo to customize the experience. 

Express Lane gives libraries the flexibility to implement with an array of hardware options, such as touch screen monitors that eliminate the need for a keyboard and mouse. A dual video card can be used to support a second monitor so staff can monitor Express Lane for problems. Anywhere you have a computer can be a self-check station, providing the mobility needed to get the maximum benefit from each station. Integration with Millennium provides seamless circulation statistics and ensures that Express Lane transactions stay in step with circulation policies, patron data, and item status in real-time.

Because circulation traffic varies from library to library, Express Lane allows libraries to choose the appropriate security options and decide whether a station will provide a detailed view of patron information or be limited to check-out only.  For example, Express Lane can be set to require a  PIN along with a patron barcode for check-out, suppress display of patron name, or deny check-out by patron type, number of overdues, or amount of fines. 

The license cost is $3200. At last, there’s a low-cost solution to high-volume circulation that gives libraries the control and sophistication they expect from the world’s most integrated library technology platform.

Core Features and Benefits

  • Cost-effective circulation
  • Fully functional
  • No special hardware required
  • Service flexibility for staff
  • Meets patron demand for speed and convenience

Patron Convenience

  • Self-service circulation
  • Express check-out
  • Access to patron record
  • Receipt printing
  • Real-time fines, holds, checked-out items

Library Control

  • Choice of colors, patron messages, and logo placement
  • Hardware choices
  • Automatic translation of library circulation policies
  • Security: PIN access, patron privacy, receipts, patron blocks

Optional Features

  • Ecommerce integration for seamless fine payment
  • RFID integration (ask your Customer Sales Consultant)

What Customers Say

“Since using Express Lane, selfservice transactions have jumped from about 15% to about 90%. The cost effectiveness of the Innovative solution allowed more stations at our larger branches and more effective placement of stations in small libraries with limited space.”
— David Britt, Systems Administrator
Arapahoe Library District, Colorado