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Sierra Software Upgrade
Sierra and the Merlin catalog will be down in the evening during a software upgrade.

05.08.17 Collection Agency Module
Superior Public Library is now using the Collection Agency module to recover long overdue items. The collection agency is only used with accounts that have a Superior home library, but a new bill will generate for all patrons receiving Superior items: "Please respond to this notice or your account may be forwarded to Unique Management Services for collections and a $10 service fee will be added to your account." This $10 service fee collected by libraries is to be sent to Superior, as stated in the revised Circulation Standard: "Patrons may pay fines at any Merlin library. Replacement fees and manual charges described as COLLECTION AGENCY REPORT CHARGE will be sent to the owning billing library with a receipt. Libraries will not waive fines and bills owed to other libraries."

03.16.17 New WISCAT Support Form for Library Staff
A "WISCAT Support" link now displays for library staff after logging into the Staff home page. It can be used when necessary to
- Ask questions
- Report issues
- Upload an image (gif jpg jpeg png) to assist in troubleshooting 

11.10.16 Book Club Best Practices
If your library chooses to manage book club requests with Sierra, new recommended procedures are now added to the Managing Holds section in Merlin Training.

04.01.16 WISCAT Upgrade
New features and functionality have been added to the ShareIt software. • View a list of features. • View the webinar for instructions.

01.06.15 Searching OverDrive Titles in Merlin
The OverDrive collection can now be viewed separately from your collections. They will now only appear when limiting search to NWLS or View All Merlin Items. 

01.01.15 NoveList Merlin Upgrade
The NoveList features have been added to Merlin. A search for a book title will now display lists of similar titles and authors, an ordered list of other titles in the series, reading levels, ratings, featured articles and award winners. The featured links will trigger a pop-up window with more information. 

07.23.14 Sierra Tutorials
Video tutorials have been added to the Circulation Procedures section covering Patron Records.

07.03.14 Updated WISCAT
WISCAT now has a new platform with a streamlined look and updated search features. The workflow remains unchanged. To view training documentation visit the WISCAT Project section of Dept. of Public Instruction website at

01.02.14 Full Sierra Circulation Manual
Added to the Circulation Procedures section (password protected) is an updated Full Sierra Circulation Manual. 

08.28.13 Merlin Online Temporary Cards
The recent Merlin catalog upgrade includes a feature to register online for a temporary library card:

  • Online temporary patron accounts are given a Patron Type code of Online (117) which limits service to two requests.
  • To activate full circulation privileges staff will need to give the new account a valid Patron Type, County, Township, and Barcode before checking out items. To delete the "temporary" alert message, right click on the message and select "delete field."

08.26.13 Merlin Catalog Upgrade
The Merlin catalog was upgraded with new features including:

  • Online library card registration - A temporary card allows two holds. To access full library services the temporary record will need to be updated at a library with a valid barcode, patron type, and codes for county and township. 
  • Online fine/fee payment - The online payment feature can be used to immediately clear blocks to library privileges.
  • Library Donations - A patron can now make online donations to their library.
  • Accessibility - The upgrade includes improved support for screen readers to better increase accessibility.

02.22.13 - Patron Records
Wisconsin's Digital Library is limited by contract to Wisconsin Residents. New patrons who are not a Wisconsin resident need a Patron Status of W. This code will prevent them from accessing OverDrive. See the Department of Transportation Wisconsin residency guidelines

02.22.13 - Digital Library Upgrade
Wisconsin's Digital Library has been upgraded with many new features, including a "One-Step Checkout,"  a built-in reader, and navigational improvements.  Hovering your mouse over the cover image will trigger a small popup text box display of the author and complete title, (but not the series, unfortunately). To check availability of a title, hover over the icon in the upper right corner of the cover image which will be dark to indicate 'available' and gray to indicates 'holds.'

10.17.12 - Sierra Training Materials
The following Sierra training materials have been added - requires merlin login:

  • Cataloging - Cataloging guide (PDF, video) and General Navigation (video)
  • Circulation - Circulation (PDF) and General Navigation (video)

08.30.12 - Tribal Library Resident Patron Codes: Beginning January 2012 non-resident and resident circulation will be determined by township for all patrons. The circulation statistics generated by NWLS will be adjusted to reflect this change for the 2012 annual reports.

The Bad River Public Tribal Library is located in the community of Odanah and the town of Sanborn. Sanborn Town will be coded as a township with a library. 

The Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College is located in the Bass Lake township and is coded as a township with a library. 

05.18.12 Wisconsin ILL Revised Guidelines  - The revised edition of the Wisconsin Interlibrary Loan Guidelines reflect the changes in information delivery and access impacted by changes in technology since 2005.  The revision includes a page of links to "Where to Find More Information" from Wisconsin and nationwide resources, and recommendations regarding requests for high demand items, textbooks, and digital resources. 

Delivery Support

Report delivery problems or schedule changes to Sherry Machones at NWLS

Contact Leo Lawver or Jim Tiderman if Sherry Machones is unavailable

Leo Lawver can be contacted at 715.406.4420

Jim Tiderman may also be contacted if Leo is unavailable at 262.782.0300

Interlibrary Loan Support

For NWLS Interlibrary Loan Services contact Linda Stobbe

  • Office: 715.682.2365 Ext. 10
  • Toll Free: 800.228.5684
  • email
If Linda is unavailable refer to the following options:
  • Resources for Libraries & Lifelong Learning: 888-542-5543 (Select option 4) or send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • WISCAT ILL Procedures: If Linda Stobbe is unavailable contact Resources for Libraries & Lifelong Learning 888-542-5543 (Select option 1) or send a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • WISCAT ILL Technical Issues: If Linda Stobbe is unavailable contact Resources for Libraries & Lifelong Learning 888-542-5543 (Select option 1) or send a message to Vickie Long: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Merlin Support

Circulation Services: Marsha Sorensen
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Database Services: Michael Sheehan
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Network Services: Mike Sauvola

Technology: Desktop and Network Support

Network Systems Administrator, Merlin Project Administrator: Mike Sauvola
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  • Cell Phone: 715.813.0525
  • After Hours/Weekends Home: 715-372-4769
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Network Support Specialist: Benjamin Whytsell
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