Merlin Product Directory

Some of the Sierra add-on tools and modules available for purchase:

  • Aquisitions - A module available to individual libraries for purchasing materials
  • Circulation Patron Images - Digital images of patrons are displayed in records for verification.
  • Community Reviews - Patrons contribute reviews of material displayed in the catalog.
  • Consortium Management Extensions - Provides extra features for libraries networked in a consortium, including enhanced interlibrary loan statistics, call number reports, and additional fields in the patron and item records, 
  • Content Cafe Data Content - Items in the catalog are linked to book jackets, reviews, author bios, and annotations from professional publishers.
  • Decision Center - A robust collection development tool using a library's circulating and spending patterns to formulate plans for weeding and future purchasing.
  • Digital Signatures - Patron signatures are stored in records for verification.
  • Encore - A subscription Webpac service providing helpful search results tools such as tag clouds and faceted limiters.
  • Express Lane - A patron self-service module for check-out/renewing materials.
  • Held Item Delivery - Patrons can specify that requested items be delivered by mail. Includes the option to extend the due date and apply a service charge.
  • ILL control Module - Manages searching, requesting, record creation, printing, notifying, circulation, and statistics of interlibrary loan requests.
  • ILL Electronic Requests - Support for the electronic transmission of ILL requests to ILL systems, and supports ILL ISO protocol.
  • iTiva - Telephone notification system replacing Teleforms.
  • Kids Online - A Webpac designed for youth.
  • My Record Feeds - Patrons can subscribe to a feed reader to be updated on hold pickups, overdues, etc.
  • Pathfinder Pro - Searches can be broadcast to multiple databases from the Webpac.
  • Program Registration -  A public interface for patrons to search, browse, and self-register for library programs, and cancel registrations if needed.
  • Serials Control Module - Manages ordering, check-in, claiming, routing, and binding of magazines, journals, and monographic serials.
  • Scoping Services - Scopes can be set on library locations and/or material types.
  • SkyRiver - A cataloging utility to allow importing of high quality MARC records from a database of millions of records.
  • Staff User Licenses - Access to a Sierra application.
  • Telephone Renewal - Patrons renew using a touchtone telephone .

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