Merlin Meeting 2011.02.23

Merlin Consortium Meeting
February 23, 2011 Minutes (online)

Both Mike Sheehan and Jim Trojanowski preceded the meeting by offering guidelines on how the electronic meeting would run as well as expectations for a successful meeting.

I. Call to Order
Chair Mike Sheehan called the meeting to order at 10:10 a.m.

II. Quorum Determination/Recognition of Proxies

  A. Attending: Mike Sheehan, Marsha Sorensen, Jim Trojanowski, Mike Sauvola, Linda Stobbe, (all NWLS), Shirley Miller (Ashland), Cherie Sanderson (Boulder Junction), Kristine Lendved (Cable), Suzanne Widmar (Drummond), Diana Anderson (Eagle River), Judy Pearson (Grantsburg), Molly Lank-Jones (Hayward), Courtney Dietsche (Iron River), Caryl Pfaff (LCO College), Julie Zelten (Land O’Lakes), Jennie Thewis (Mellen), Teresa Schmidt (Mercer), June Franzen (Phelps), Beth Carlson (Shell Lake), Jane Frankiewicz (Spooner), Janet Jennings (Superior), Darrell Pendergrass (Washburn), Patti Meyer (Webster), Cela McGinnis (Winchester), and Susan Johnson (Winter).

  B. Proxies: Darrell Pendergrass was a proxy for Roberta Menger (Bayfield). Julie Zelten was a proxy for Ida Nemec (Sayner)

III. Approval of November 18, 2010 Consortium Meeting Minutes
Motion to approve by Diana Anderson and seconded by Cherie Sanderson. Motion passed unanimously.

IV. Results of 2011 Officer Election
  A. The results showed Shirley Miller winning the Chair position over Cherie Sanderson with a vote of 19-6.
  B. Courtney Dietsche won the Vice-Chair position over Teresa Schmidt by a vote of 13-12.
  C. The Secretary position will be held jointly by Mike Sheehan (for online meetings) and Beth Carlson (for in-person meetings) with 14 votes compared to each candidate serving separately (Sheehan with 8 votes and Carlson with 3 votes).
  D.  The new officers will assume office at the May Merlin meeting with an orientation occurring before then.

V. Approval of Financial Report
Motion to approve by June Franzen and seconded by Teresa Schmidt. Motion passed unanimously.

VI. Merlin Executive Committee Report
  A. Mike Sheehan explained that the Executive Committee developed three documents to help guide current and future Executive Committees in their investigations. The three documents (the Executive Committee Compliance Procedures, the Merlin Non-Compliance Priorities, and the Merlin Library Complaint Form) were brought before the Consortium for approval.

Motion to approve the Executive Committee Compliance Procedures made by Diana Anderson and seconded by Janet Jennings. Discussion ensued.

Teresa Schmidt moved (with Cherie Sanderson seconding) to add language to the document: “When a form is filed with the current Merlin Chair, copies of that form should be sent to both the filing library and receiving library. The filing and receiving libraries should retain copies of the complaints.” Complaints would also be considered confidential.

Other comments were made that since the document may require further revision, adoption should be tabled. Schmidt went on to point out that because we are currently dealing with potential noncompliance issues, the Executive Committee should approve these guidelines and minor revision could be made at another time. Motion for added language passed 14-3 with one abstention.

Diana Anderson withdrew her initial motion, and Janet Jennings withdrew her second.

Motion to approve the amended Executive Committee Compliance Procedures document by Janet Jennings and seconded by Diana Anderson. Motion passed 15-4.

Motion to approve both the Merlin Non-Compliance Priorities document and Merlin Library Complaint Form as presented by Janet Jennings and seconded by Teresa Schmidt. Motion passed 16-2.

  B.  Mike Sheehan reported on the results of the investigation into the improper use of the In Processing status. Libraries that responded when asked to explain In Processing items with circulations:
• Three libraries were using ‘In Processing’ in order to get a first circulation.
• Three libraries said they were setting items for replacement to this status.
• One library felt it happened from staff error.

Training documentation now requires all new materials to be checked in before being shelved (in order to check for holds).

Shirley Miller asked if Innovative could remove the option to respond incorrectly to the prompt to change an item status. Marsha Sorensen said she will investigate this.

Sheehan asked if the investigation into circulated items with In Processing status could be closed at this time. A few libraries stated it could be closed but others encouraged Sheehan to monitor the activity again one month prior to the May meeting with results brought before the Consortium.

VII. Merlin Team Report

  A.  Mike Sheehan explained that the Executive Committee decided the Merlin Compliance document was outdated and that the entire document be reviewed. The Merlin Team of Mike Sauvola, Marsha Sorensen, and Mike Sheehan also checked the document related to their professional areas and additional revisions were made from this review.

Motion to approve the Merlin Compliance document with presented revisions made by Janet Jennings and seconded by Diana Anderson. Motion passed unanimously.

Sheehan further mentioned that he would send the revised Merlin Compliance sheet out to all libraries soon after adoption for library signing.

VIII. Other Business
  A.  Cherie Sanderson recommended the Nominating Committee forward the process they arrived at for the ballot election so the Consortium should consider revising the By-Laws. Jim Trojanowski reminded the group that the Nominating Committee ended their functions once the election was completed and a more logical group to draw up revisions would be the Merlin Executive Committee.
Jennie Thewis asked whether the joint Secretary position will allow both Mike Sheehan and Beth Carlson to serve on the Executive Committee and when that transition of duties takes place. Sheehan commented that the transition could take place before the May meeting when the new officers assume office. Sanderson added that in her experience on the school board that if a position is a joint one, both representatives would serve on the committee.

IX. Adjournment

  A.  Mike Sheehan adjourned the meeting at 12:00 noon.
  B.  Next meeting date: Wednesday, May 25, 2011 at NWLS

Respectfully submitted,
Michael Sheehan