Merlin Meeting 2010.11.18

Merlin Consortium Meeting
November 11, 2010 Minutes

I. Call to Order
Chair Mike Sheehan called the meeting to order at 10:08 a.m.

II. Quorum Determination/Recognition of Proxies
Attending: Mike Sheehan, Marsha Sorensen, Linda Bailen, Linda Stobbe, (all NWLS), Shirley Miller (Ashland), Cherie Sanderson (Boulder Junction), Kristine Lendved (Cable), Courtney Dietsche (Iron River), Judy Pearson (Grantsburg), Molly Lank-Jones (Hayward), Julie Zelten (Land O’Lakes), Jennie Thewis (Mellen), Ida Nemec (Sayner), Beth Carlson (Shell Lake), Jane Frankiewicz (Spooner), Linda Olson and Janet Jennings (Superior), Darrell Pendergrass (Washburn), Patti Meyer (Webster), Cela McGinnis (Winchester), and Susan Johnson (Winter).

Darrell Pendergrass was a proxy for Roberta Menger (Bayfield)
Ida Nemec was a proxy for Diana Anderson (Eagle River)
Cherie Sanderson was a proxy for Pam Eschenbauch (Presque Isle)

III. Approval of August 25, 2010 Consortium Meeting Minutes (Sheehan)
Motion to approve by Janet Jennings and seconded by Shirley Miller. Motion passed.

IV. Appointment of Nominating Committee for 2011 Officers
Mike Sheehan read from the bylaws the portion pertaining to officers. A chart of Merlin Officers (History) was included in materials emailed to members for meeting.
Volunteer Nominating Committee members are: Jane Frankiewicz, Molly Lank-Jones, and Beth Carlson.

V. Approval of Financial Report (Stobbe)

  • 2010 Annual Fees: includes monies for Continuing Education fees, which is part of regular expenses.
  • Spare Parts: Includes monies for software
  • Transfer to Capital Fund: Monies per library each year for unforeseen (Emergency Fund) expenses. There is no cap on the Capital Fund. Capital Funds would be used to upgrade the server after a recommended number of years.
  • Motion to approve by Susan Johnson and seconded by Julie Zelten. Motion passed.

VI. Merlin Team Report
  A. "In Processing" item status management (Sheehan)

  • In Processing Issues handout (Emailed, 11-10-2010 as part of the Merlin Consortium Meeting and Agenda Documents)
  • A number of items from a number of libraries have the status “In Processing” and are circulating. Ideas were shared about why this may be occurring. Courtney Dietsche: If an item has a hold, is the “In Processing” status automatically cleared before being put in-transit? Shirley Miller: Item records may be “In Processing” while waiting for a replacement on order.
  • Of concern: Are any libraries using this particular status to keep their materials at “home” and thus breaking the signed Merlin Compliance and NWLS Agreements, which include Interlibrary Loan rules? Beth Carlson states this is the case with one library in particular and would like the Executive Committee to look into it.
  • Some librarians in attendance were unaware that this was an issue at their library and will check into it. The “In Processing” status is applied to an item manually and needs to be removed manually but is automatically changed when an item is checked out. To correct the confusion, some libraries felt this option should not be available.
  • Three options to manage the “In Processing” status were presented by Mike Sheehan (See email)
  • A motion was made by Shirley Miller for the Executive Committee to investigate the list of libraries appearing to mismanage the “In Processing” status and was seconded by Beth Carlson. Motion passed.

VII. Other Business
  A. Holds issues discussion (Jennings)

  • Janet Jennings noted that on certain records there are items available, yet there are quite a few holds listed. Why is this occurring? Is this procedural or a non-compliance problem? It was suggested to have the executive committee look into this issue.
  • Further discussion tied in placing “Holds” and lending. The point was made that placing holds for your patrons or having them place a hold, makes it available to them ASAP and is available to the owning library’s patrons first, before it circulates to other libraries.
  • Linda Olson said that we should review policies. Molly Lank-Jones then said we should share with staff and volunteers. Courtney Dietsche said that Hold Copy Returned Soonest should be checked first when placing a hold, not an Item Hold. Linda Bailen stated that Book Clubs borrow using Item Holds or when a particular volume is needed. Libraries also need to purchase items to match the demand at their individual library.
  • Marsha Sorensen said that each library has its own hold priority table for lending and borrowing.

  B. Patron expiration discussion (Johnson)

  • State recommends that patron records with no activity be deleted after three years. NWLS has followed the recommendation. Records with overdues or fines will not be removed.
  • Libraries may request a default patron expiration date be set by NWLS staff. Libraries may also populate this field manually themselves. Linda Olson said that Superior chooses the same date that new cards are issued plus four years.

  C. Additional content discussion

  • Handouts  were emailed, 11-10-2010 as part of the Merlin Consortium Meeting and Agenda Documents
  • Janet Jennings provided a demo of BookNews - a product from used by Superior. You may choose to put only items your library owns on a featured list. Superior has 8 or 9 lists and it takes about three hours per month to update/maintain.
  • Sheehan provided a list of similar services/products that included a comparison of features and prices. Some librarians felt  same information is available free on Amazon.

  D. Determine 2011 meeting dates (Sheehan)
A desire to hold Merlin Consortium meetings on the same day as Director’s Meetings was shared. Jim’s concern is that there would not be enough time to complete all the agenda items and have time for discussion. Linda Bailen said that it is important to have person to person interaction when there are a number of important issues on the agenda. A decision was made to schedule the following meeting dates:

  • Wednesday, February 23, 2011 Online: GoToWebinar
  • Wednesday, May 25, 2011
  • Tuesday, August 23, 2011 Online: GoToWebinar
  • Wednesday, November 16, 2011
  • The May or November meeting will be held on the same day as a meeting for the Directors of NWLS member libraries.

VIII. Demonstrations
  A. Merlin area of the NWLS website (Sheehan)

  • Contents include: Governance standards, compliance agreements, bylaws, and training recommendations
  • A limit of six users may be logged into the site at one time
  • NWLS will be updating the website to Joomala, TBA
  • Merlin software maintenance update, TBA

  B. GIS mapping for determining patron residence (Sheehan)
Search patron municipality by entering the patron’s address in the database query.

IX. Adjournment
  A. Sheehan adjourned the meeting at 12:45 p.m.
  B. Next meeting date: Wednesday, February 23 (via GoToWebinar)