Merlin Meeting 2011.05.25

Merlin Consortium Meeting
May 25, 2011 Minutes (at NWLS)

I. Call to order
Chair Miller called meeting to order at 9:45 a.m.

II. Quorum Determination/Recognition of Proxies
Attending: Mike Sheehan, Marsha Sorensen, Mike Sauvola, Linda Stobbe, Linda Bailen (all NWLS)
Shirley Miller, Cheri Sanderson (9:50), Kristine Lendved, Connie Ross (10:41), Diana Anderson, Judy Pearson, Molly Lank-Jones, Courtney Dietsche, Caryl Pfaff, Julie Zelten, Ida Nemec, Jennie Thewis, Teresa Schmidt, Beth Carlson, Jane Frankiewicz, Sue Heskin, Darrell Pendergrass, Cela McGinnis, Pam Eschenbauch. Linda Moe, Superior/Solon Springs also attending.
Molly Lank-Jones was a proxy for Susan Johnson.
Judy Pearson was a proxy for Patti Meyer.
Darrell was a proxy for Roberta Menger.

III. Millenium ILS Changes-Sierra webinar
Webinar was delayed until 10:40 a.m. due to some technical difficulty. We went on to other business while waiting.

IV. Approval of February 23, 2011 Consortium Meeting Minutes
Motion to approve by Lendved, seconded by Schmidt. Motion passed unanimously.

V. Approval of financial report

Motion to approve by Schmidt, seconded by Anderson. Motion passed unanimously.

VI. New Business
    A. Library Elf/Courtesy Notices-Motion to approve setting up courtesy notices by Carlson, seconded by Schmidt. Motion passed unanimously.
    B. Managing the missing/claims returned items handout highlighted by Sheehan. Sheehan recommends that libraries need to manage missing and claims returned items to have a timely list of all items. No action taken.

III. (Back to) Millenium ILS Changes-Sierra webinar
Listened to a Sierra webinar about the 2011-12 changes to Millenium. Millenium will continue for an indefinite amount of time, but will change to Innovative’s new product called Sierra. Discussion ensued about the lack of clarity on the number of licenses needed and how to fund the changes, with the Merlin capital fund being one source. Members also discussed researching other circulation systems to see if there is something better/less costly out there. NWLS is to clarify if a “beta tester” is the same as an “early committer” and “pricing” and present at the next meeting.

IV. Other Business
Discussion on having our next meeting at NWLS instead of a webinar.
Motion by Pearson, seconded by Frankewicz to have an in-person Merlin Consortium meeting at NWLS on August 23, 2011. Motion passed unanimously.

VIII. Adjournment
Motion by Anderson, seconded by Eschenbauch to adjourn.

Next meeting date: Tuesday, August 23, 2011 at NWLS

Respectfully submitted,

Beth E. Carlson