Merlin Meeting 2011.08.23

Merlin Consortium Meeting
August 23, 2011 Minutes (at NWLS)

I. Call to order
Chair Miller called meeting to order at 10:05 a.m.

II. Quorum Determination/Recognition of Proxies
    A. Attending: Mike Sheehan, Marsha Sorensen, Linda Stobbe, Linda Bailen (all NWLS)
Shirley Miller, Kristine Lendved, Judy Pearson, Molly Lank-Jones, Courtney Dietsche, Julie Zelten, Ida Nemec, Jennie Thewis, Beth Carlson, Jane Frankiewicz, Sue Heskin, Cela McGinnis, Robert Menger, Patti Meyer.
    B. Proxies:  Beth Carlson was a proxy for Darrell Pendergrass.  Ida Nemec was a proxy for Diana Anderson.

III. Approval of May 25, 2011 Consortium Meeting Minutes
Motion to approve by Pearson, seconded by Frankiewicz. Motion passed unanimously.

IV. Approval of financial report
Motion to approve by Lendved, seconded by McGinnis. Motion passed unanimously.

V. Merlin 2012 Budget
Stobbe reviewed the budget. There was a question about the 11% increase. Linda stated the final number is the one Millennium gave her. More concrete numbers will be received later in the year. This budget is to give directors some idea for their own budgets. Vaughn dropped 2 licenses, thus everyone will go up a bit to re- distribute the total cost. There was a question about travel. Mike Sauvola and Tony Kriskovich receive mileage and time for travel to libraries.
Motion to approve by Lank-Jones, seconded by Nemec. Motion passed unanimously.

VI. Other Business
    A. Sheehan reviewed Sierra ILS Early Committer Program/Cost Information handout. Motion to be an early Committer with Sierra (option A) by Meyer, seconded by Nemec. Motion passed. Opposed, Carlson, Pendergrass and Heskin.
NWLS suggests paying for the Sierra ILS migration; $40,000 from Merlin Capital, $15,000 from NWLS, $10,000 from Merlin General Fund.
Motion to divide the remainder of the migration cost of approximately $37,000 equally among Merlin libraries over a two year period by Heskin, seconded by Meyer. Motion passed. Opposed, Carlson and Pendergrass.
    B. Sheehan was asked to present information and costs on the Collection Agency program available through Millennium. This program would allow us to send over dues to a collection agency.
    C. Sheehan demonstrated what Mobile Merlin looks like and announced that it has started. Please tell patrons they can access Merlin on their mobile devices at
    D. Sheehan will demonstrate how to manage Missing/Claims Returned items at the next meeting. The directions for managing missing/claims returned items were emailed May 20, 2011 from Shirley Miller. They were included with Merlin meeting handouts. Merlin members should be managing these 5,000 or so items.
    E. A discussion on what to do with bills once they have been sent out…do they just go away? We can save bills to a folder on the desk top or somewhere else if you wish, to check on and print again if necessary. This way, the process doesn’t just end and we end up “hoping” patrons bring items back after the bill.
    F. A discussion on Nooks and Overdrive compatibility and non-availability. Directors and the state are both frustrated with Overdrive not being easy to use, not enough ebooks to choose from and not enough titles of popular ebooks. 

    G. Rice Lake Public Library teaches patrons how to use ebooks and Superior Public Library in cooperation with WITC will be teaching a class on using ereaders and ebooks. Librarians can attend.
    H. A discussion on “same service” and lending Nooks and ebooks amongst other items. 

VII. Adjournment
Meeting adjourned by Miller.

Next meeting date: Thursday, November 17, 2011 at NWLS. Directors meeting will follow.

Respectfully submitted,
Beth E. Carlson