Merlin Meeting 2011.11.17

Merlin Consortium Meeting
November 17, 2011 Minutes (at NWLS)

I. Call to order
Chair Miller called meeting to order at 10:06 a.m.

II. Quorum Determination/Recognition of Proxies
    A.  Attending: Mike Sheehan, Marsha Sorensen, Mike Sauvola, Linda Stobbe, Linda Bailen (all NWLS) Shirley Miller, Cheri Sanderson, Kristine Lendved, Connie Ross (10:13), Diana Anderson, Judy Pearson, Molly Lank-Jones, Courtney Dietsche, Julie Zelten, Jennie Thewis, Teresa Schmidt, Beth Carlson, Jane Frankewicz, Sue Heskin, Darrell Pendergrass, Cela McGinnis, Pam Eschenbauch, Roberta Menger, Norma Soulier, June Franzen (10:18), Donna Knuckey, Patti Meyer.
    B.  Proxies: Julie Zelten was a proxy for Ida Nemec.

III. Approval of August 23, 2011 Consortium Meeting Minutes
Motion to approve by Lendved, seconded by Pearson with the following corrections; change Souvala to Sauvola under Merlin 2012 Budget and strike “It is still unclear to me, how we may or may not loan them!” under other business. Motion passed unanimously.

IV. Approval of financial report
Motion by Anderson, seconded by Zelten. Motion passed unanimously.

V. Other Business
    A.  Sheehan discussed Sierra INN Appreciation Points handout. Interest was shown in telephone renewal and ecommerce for WebOPAC. We have time to think about what we would like. Will revisit summer of 2012.
    B.  Sheehan demonstrated how to create a report of missing/claimed returned items.
    C.  Sheehan reviewed how other Wisconsin consortiums split costs of the circulation system between libraries. Motion by Sanderson, seconded by Schmidt to form a committee to explore different formulas to figure the costs of Merlin between libraries. Sheehan, Heskin and Schmidt volunteered to be on the committee.
    D.  Heskin discussed they have found a way around EBSCO Host problems.
    E.  Sorensen explained circulation statistics generated by Sorensen. Sorensen will total all totals down (i.e. Total Nonresident) and include a year- to- date total in the Total column on the right hand side of the report of the statistics sheet. Total media will not match total local circulation because ILLs to other libraries are subtracted out.
    F.  Motion by Sanderson, seconded by Anderson to put minutes on website with unapproved on them. Minutes are posted in the password protected area of the NWLS website.
    G.  Miller discussed collaborative collection development. With budgets being cut, we may want to try the concept of buying in different areas. We will all want to continue buying popular items, but to look at buying in different areas of non- fiction such as LCO purchases many titles in the Native American area and Cable purchases natural history. Teresa and Shirley will create a survey monkey to see who has what to get a basis on where to possibly start.  Sorensen will provide reports.

VII. Adjournment
Meeting adjourned by Miller.

Next meeting date: Thursday, November 17, 2011 at NWLS. Directors meeting will follow.

Respectfully submitted,
Beth E. Carlson