Merlin Meeting 2012.05.24

Merlin Consortium Meeting
May 24, 2012 Minutes (at NWLS)

I. Call to order
Chair Shirley Miller called the meeting to order at 10:04 a.m.
Shirley mentioned that one item that was requested to be discussed (Online Patron Registration) was inadvertently left off the agenda and could be included at the end if desired or time allowed.

II. Quorum Determination/Recognition of Proxies
    A.  Quorum (of 15 members) was determined with the following attendees: Linda Stobbe, Linda Bailen, Marsha Sorensen, Mike Sheehan (NWLS); Shirley Miller (Ashland); Roberta Menger (Bayfield); Cherie Sanderson (Boulder Jct.); Kristine Lendved (Cable); Diana Anderson (Eagle River); Judy Pearson (Grantsburg); Molly Lank-Jones (Hayward); Courtney Dietsche (Iron River); Caryl Pfaff (LCO College); Julie Zelten (Land o’ Lakes); Jennie Thewis (Mellen); Teresa Schmidt (Mercer); Pam Eschenbauch (Presque Isle); Ida Nemec (Sayner); Jane Frankiewicz (Spooner); Sue Heskin (Superior); Darrell Pendergrass (Washburn); Cela McGinnis (Winchester).

    B.  Judy Pearson was proxy for Patti Meyer (Webster).  Roberta Menger was proxy for both Lynne Pedri (Hurley) and Connie Ross (Madeline Island).  Molly Lank-Jones was proxy for Beth Carlson (Shell Lake).

III. Approval of Febrary 23, 2012 Consortium Meeting Minutes

Motion to approve the Minutes by Kristine Lendved and seconded by Ida Nemec.  Passed unanimously.

IV. Approval of Financial Statement
    A.  Linda Stobbe presented the financial statement and mentioned that there was a slight difference in amounts shown because of a prepayment made in 2011.  
    B.  Motion to approve by Diana Anderson and seconded by Pam Eschenbauch.  Passed unanimously.

V. Other Business
    A.  Review of Merlin Compliance Document

         1. It was confirmed that the May meeting of the Consortium will annually include a discussion of the Merlin Compliance document.
         2. Julie Zelten alerted NWLS that under the General Requirement section, the current meeting participation language gives the impression that staff can get CE credit (which they don’t) for attending meetings.
              •  Current language: The library director and staff participate in ongoing CE, including Director’s Meeting and Merlin Consortium Meetings.
              •  Revised language:  The library director and/or staff participate in Merlin Consortium Meetings.
          3. Darrell Pendergrass had questions regarding purchasing compliance, blocks, and paying fines from the Circulation Standards Requirement section.
              •  Current language: The library will order in a timely manner any books in high demand by local patrons.
              •  Revised language: The library will order in a timely manner any books in high demand by local patrons.  The current Merlin purchasing recommendation states: With the exception of Book Club borrowing, hold ratios for all materials follows purchasing 1 copy for 5-14 local holds; 2 copies for 15-29 local holds; 3 copies for 30-49 local holds; 4 copies of 50-99 local holds; and 5 copies for 100 local holds or more. 
             •  Current language: The library will block circulation to patrons with outstanding bills.
             •  Revised language:  The library will block circulation to patrons with outstanding bills of $5 or more for replacement costs, goods, and services but excluding fines which may be negotiable.
             •  Current language: Patrons may pay fines at any Merlin library. All overdue fines are kept by the library receiving the payment. All replacement fees are to be sent to the owning library with a receipt. Libraries will not waive fines and bills owed to other libraries.
             •  Revised language:  Patrons may pay fines at any Merlin library. All overdue fines may be kept by the library receiving the payment. All replacement and other fees are to be sent to the owning library with a receipt. Libraries will not waive fines and bills owed to other libraries.  Marsha Sorensen reminded members that the transition to a new loan table for fining libraries a few years ago prevents libraries from being able to use the Fines Paid Table to track overdue fines collected for other libraries, therefore all overdue fines collected may be kept, which saves staff time and maintains accuracy when the Fines Paid Table is used by library directors, boards, or city administrators for record keeping.  Replacement fees that belong to other libraries can be tracked using data from the Fines Paid Table.
         4. An approved change from the February meeting revised language regarding patron privacy.
             •  Previous language: Library employees will sign an annual agreement stating they will not tamper with or compromise privacy of library records.
             •  Revised language:  Library employees (and volunteers) will sign upon hire an agreement stating they will not tamper or compromise privacy of library records, with an annual reminder to staff of the rule.
         5. Diana Anderson moved to accept the Merlin Compliance with all noted changes. Ida Nemec seconded.  Passed unanimously. 
         6. The fully revised Merlin Compliance document will be made available at the August meeting.
    B. High Demand Materials

         1. Mike Sheehan brought up an item related to the purchasing of high demands materials.  Arrowhead Library System (Wisconsin) passed a system policy in 2006 before their move to a shared ILS that basically protects the shared collection and has saved a couple library budgets by requiring an MOE-style formula for collection budgeting.  They also incorporated an annual collection development meeting for ILS members.  A link to their policy is here: 
         2. While some discussion was made, no action was taken regarding this policy.

    C. Magazine Circulation Statistics
        1. Mike Sheehan had answered a question regarding how magazines were counted on the monthly Media Reports run for libraries.  Beth Carlson had inquired about designating magazines more specifically.  Marsha Sorensen presented three options for how NWLS could display the Media Report. 
             •  Option one: retain the current display. 
             •  Option two:  break individual media more specifically into an adult group and a juvenile group. 
             •  Option three:  break out “Other” into Magazines, eAccessories, 3D Object and Large Print. 
        2. Judy Pearson moved that we adopt the second option and Diana Anderson seconded.  Passed unanimously. 
        3. After some discussion Judy Pearson moved to amend her previous motion to include lines for Other, Large Print, and Electronics in the second option. 
        4. Diana Anderson seconded the motion and it passed unanimiously.

   D. Review Tribal Member Patron Records   
        1. Mike Sheehan explained the major changes to townships and PStat codes to better track tribal member patrons.  While these rules will facilitate improved record management, it will also allow NWLS to track library reimbursements in regards to tribal members more accurately.
        2. Jim Trojanowski and John DeBacher (DPI) are currently in the process of clarifying state interpretations regarding tribal status. 
        3. Sue Heskin moved to table any further discussion until more information becomes available or results of Jim and John’s discussion is made clear. 
        4. Diana Anderson seconded, and the motion passed unanimously
    E. Sierra IUG Report
        1. Mike Sheehan reported on news gained on Sierra from the annual IUG conference held in Chicago in April.  Mike used a few screenshots to describe how the navigation in the Sierra client will change from Millennium.  He also remarked that the new interface merges the current login and password structures and NWLS will have to work one-on-one with libraries to set up desired access points.
        2. Sheehan also requested library directors to forward their staff personnel listings (including volunteers) to him in case NWLS needs to define new personalized logins.
        3. Mike informed the Consortium of a new Google Docs account he created for the members to share and preview consortium documents.  Staff can log into the Google account with the following username/password: sierra.merlin/m3rlinize
    F. Sierra INN-Appreciation Points Rewards
        1. Mike Sheehan and Marsha Sorensen had commented that they hoped the group could whittle the options down to choices that serve the greatest interest of the Consortium.  They also reminded the group that a few products in the list had hidden costs outside the base product.  A few items were suggested to eliminate, but only one found consensus for removal: Inventory Express.  Several requested time to meet and discuss the options with their staff before deciding on products. 
        2. Cherie Sanderson advised Sheehan put together a survey in the fall so members could prioritize the products for potential selection at the November meeting. 
        3. Marsha Sorensen will post all the documentation related to these products on the web for librarian review.
    G. ILS Cost Comparisons Committee Report
        1. Teresa Schmidt presented an analysis of the Committee’s May 18th webinar discussion.  The group discussed our current cost structure, and the formulas used by other systems in the state.  Teresa noted that most use a formula that involves other usage data besides licenses.  Teresa mentioned the committee’s desire to have any formula keep costs close to our current limits to make it feasible.
        2. She explained that Jim volunteered to develop a proposal formula that would include percentages of a flat cost, circulations, collection numbers, and lending/borrowing data.  This could be a formula that could be integrated over a period of time (like 5 years) with a gradual move from a license-centric formula. 
        3. This committee will meet again on June 11 and bring any recommendations to the August meeting.

VI. Adjournment

    A.  Diana Anderson moved for meeting adjournment at 1:51 p.m. Cherie Sanderson seconded.  Passed unanimously.
    B.  Next meeting date: Thursday, August 23, 2012 at NWLS.

Respectfully submitted,
Michael Sheehan