Merlin Meeting 2014.08.07

August 7, 2014 (NWLS)

Chair Courtney Dietsche called the meeting to order at 10:03 a.m.  

Quorum (of 15 members) was determined with the following attendees: Linda Stobbe, Jim Trojanowski, Mike Sheehan, Mike Sauvola, Marsha Sorensen (NWLS); Shirley Miller (Ashland); Blair Nelson (Bayfield); Kristine Lendved (Cable); Nan Andrews (Eagle River); Judy Pearson (Grantsburg); Molly Lank-Jones (Hayward); Courtney Dietsche (Iron River); Jennie Thewis (Mellen); Connie Ross (Madeline Island); Teresa Schmidt (Mercer); Kaye Petts (Phelps); Ida Nemec (Sayner); Amy Stormberg (Shell Lake); Jane Frankiewicz (Spooner); Sue Heskin (Superior); Darrell Pendergrass (Washburn); Patti Meyer (Webster); Cyndi Guzman (Winchester); Donna Knuckey (Winter).

Jane Frankiewicz carried a proxy for Caryl Pfaff (LCO College). Ida Nemec carried a proxy for Julie Zelten (Land o’ Lakes).

Also, since there were new member directors attending, Courtney called for introductions from attendees.

Teresa Schmidt moved to approve the minutes.  Seconded by Kristine Lendved.  Passed unanimously.

Motion to approve by Patti Meyer and seconded by Molly Lank-Jones.  Passed unanimously.

Jim Trojanowski briefly went through the increases to the proposed 2015 budget.  Linda Stobbe reminded members that the budget does not include T-1 costs, which NWLS will bill to libraries separately.

Teresa Schmidt moved to approve the 2015 Merlin budget.  Seconded by Kaye Petts.  Passed unanimously.


Appointment of Nominations and Elections Committee
Courtney Dietsche asked for volunteers for the Nominations and Elections Committee.  Mike Sheehan was asked to report from the By-Laws what the committee responsibilities are.  Kristina Lendved, Ida Nemec, and Jennie Thewis volunteered to serve on the committee.  They will provide a slate and ballot for voting at the November consortium meeting.

Reminder to Sign and Return Merlin Compliance Document
Courtney Dietsche reminded those few remaining libraries that had yet to sign and return the Merlin Compliance document to do so.  Mike Sheehan will send out a reminder to those who still need to do this.

Discussion of Project WIN and Vote
Jim Trojanowski opened up the floor to questions before the Consortium would take the vote on the merger.

Questions were raised on:
•    Where Phelps School is listed in the budget: They are listed separately as NWLS is since having them as part of the regular formula would have dropped costs to both entities.
•    If we are including delivery in the budget:  No, since we cannot answer how delivery will be impacted by the merger.  However NWLS and WVLS are making strides to streamline the delivery process already to prevent items from going downstate before reaching our libraries.
•    How start-up costs would be allocated: Start-up costs (found on page 11 of the Report) will be covered by a combination of funds from an LSTA, ILS capital, and NWLS reserve.  If the LSTA grant is not approved, more NWLS reserve funds will be used to cover money our share of those costs.  The idea is to cover start up costs in a way that makes the project affordable to members.
•    Whether we know how much reduction in WISCAT there will be: Not specifically, but we know we will not have to use WISCAT for WVLS items.
•    If we can undo the merger if we begin to see it failing:  Not without costs.  Once we commit to the merger we are expected to see it through to its finish, whether that would be a polished product or one that is flawed but needs more attention to succeed.
•    If we would consider holding new materials from ILL for X period of time:  It is believed that allowing this exception is contrary to resource sharing.  If Merlin or the merged ILS members were to adopt a policy like this, NWLS would feel an obligation to ask the NWLS Board to cut collection development grants as a penalty to libraries for not making their resources available.
•    The weighted voting structure for action on bylaws and budgets:  There are concerns from both large libraries and small libraries that weighted voting could skew decisions to favor larger or smaller libraries.  However, many consortia use a weighted voting structure in their decision-making process.  The V-Cat group has been working on moving from a one-member one-vote structure to the weighted variety regardless if the merger goes through.  Requiring bylaw and budget actions using both the weighted voting structure and a vote per library prevents a majority of votes for a minority group (of either large libraries or small libraries) from being able to sabotage a budget approval or bylaw change.
•    The number of meetings for the merged ILS: Yes, the number of meetings are expected to increase but this is recommended since a merged ILS would require greater involvement by members.  There is also nothing that prohibits the new consortium from reducing these meeting amounts over time after the initial start-up process has slowed down.
•    How support staff are covered in the budget: The budget will fund a total of 1.5 FTE (per system) and those employees will be managed by their respective system.  We will use staff already in place at the system, not add additional staff.
•    The CVTC hosting line in the budget: Because of a lack of space at both the NWLS and WVLS facilities, and because Innovative is dropping support of turnkey operations, it is proposed to have the Chippewa Valley Technical College host and manage the hardware (servers) for the merged ILS.

At this point Jane Frankiewicz made a motion to vote on the merged ILS between Merlin and V-Cat.  Judy Pearson seconded.

Jim passed out the ballots and votes were then taken.  Jim and Courtney Dietsche counted up the ballots and came back to the group with the tally.  The results were 8 (eight) votes in favor of the merger and 17 (seventeen) opposed.  The Merlin Consortium will not be proceeding with the merged ILS.

Courtney adjourned the meeting at 11:05 am.

Next meeting date: November 13, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. at NWLS.

Respectfully submitted,
Michael Sheehan