Merlin Meeting 2015.02.19

February 19, 2015

Chair Courtney Dietsche called the meeting to order at 10:05 a.m.  

Since a couple new members were present, Courtney asked the group for individual introductions.

Quorum (of 15 members) was determined with the following attendees: Linda Stobbe, Mike Sauvola, Mike Sheehan, Marsha Sorensen, Jim Trojanowski (NWLS); Shirley Miller (Ashland); Blair Nelson (Bayfield); Cherie Sanderson (Boulder Junction); Kristine Lendved (Cable); Nan Andrews (Eagle River); Kristina Kelley-Johnson (Grantsburg); Molly Lank-Jones (Hayward); Courtney Dietsche (Iron River); Julie Zelten (Land o’ Lakes); Caryl Pfaff (LCO College); Jennie Thewis (Mellen); Teresa Schmidt (Mercer); Joe Crownhart (Phelps School); Pam Eschenbauch (Presque Isle); Ida Nemec (Sayner); Amy Stormberg (Shell Lake); Jane Frankiewicz (Spooner); Sue Heskin (Superior); Darrell Pendergrass (Washburn); Patti Meyer (Webster).

There were no proxies.

There was no discussion.  Teresa Schmidt moved to approve the minutes.  Seconded by Kristine Lendved.  Passed unanimously.

There were no remarks.  Julie Zelten moved to accept the financial statements as presented.  Seconded by Shirley Miller.  Passed unanimously.

Update of Holds Cycling Time Reduction
Marsha Sorensen commented that her review of the cycling time at 24 hours appears to be working fine.  She asked that any library that finds issues with holds to let her know.  Marsha confirmed that the 24 hours cycling time affects only copy returned soonest (bib) holds.  Item holds only page once.  It was also advised to have book clubs place copy returned soonest holds for titles so they will follow the holds design.

Review eCommerce Payments to Libraries
Linda Stobbe noted that NWLS has had a year to see how the eCommerce payments volume works.  She also conducted an informal survey of system in Wisconsin to see how they manage eCommerce billing and found most wait to send checks quarterly for amounts over $50 or at the end of the year for everyone else.  Given this information, Linda suggests Merlin adopt this practice.  Teresa Schmidt moved to have NWLS send checks quarterly if the library has accrued over $50 or otherwise at the end of the year.  Ida Nemec seconded.  Passed unanimously.

Long Range Planning Committee Selection
Courtney Dietsche announced that the Merlin Executive Committee met via webinar on January 19, 2015 to develop a Long Range Plan outline.  Courtney then ran through the outline which included these points:

1.    Create an ad hoc committee of ten library representatives, with a diversity of library size, to draft a Long Range Plan for the Merlin Consortium.  NWLS staff will act in an advisory capacity.
2.    The committee can decide how best to accomplish its goal in terms of how often to meet, the type of meeting (online or in-person), what resources to consult, which members have which duties, etc.
3.    The committee spokesperson will provide a report of current progress at each Merlin meeting.
4.    A draft of the Long Range Plan will be presented to the consortium at the November 2015 meeting, and a final plan will be presented at the February 2016 Merlin meeting.
Courtney then asked for ten volunteers.  The committee includes these representatives:
Shirley Miller (Vaughn), Blair Nelson (Bayfield), Kristine Lendved (Cable), Molly Lank-Jones (Hayward), Julie Zelten (Land o’ Lakes), Jennie Thewis (Mellen), Ida Nemec (Sayner), Amy Stormberg (Shell Lake), Jane Frankiewicz (Spooner), Sue Heskin (Superior).  NWLS staff will contact the members in the next few weeks to begin a course of action.

Review Merlin ByLaws
Courtney reminded the Consortium that the By-Laws are to be reviewed every two years and is overdue for review.  She then opened the floor to the Consortium for areas needing revision or ideas for addition.  

Mike Sheehan asked the Consortium how they would feel about adding language regarding dissolving the Consortium and cited an example from the IFLS MORE consortium where their member agreements have a section on dissolving MORE.  Mike was advised to create some language and make sure it includes how to dissolve the Consortium, vote requirements and distribution of assets.  Linda Stobbe would run the language past the NWLS auditor for help as well.

Courtney suggested the language in Article VI, Section 2 be revised to cover how to perform the election when inclement weather causes a change in meeting platform.

Mike Sheehan will draft some language for both Consortium dissolution and inclement weather affecting meetings with elections and bring changes before the Executive Committee for review before the May Merlin meeting.

Cataloging and Circulation of Multi-Disc DVD Sets
Mike Sheehan explained that DVD sets display in Merlin as either one set or as individual discs that can be requested separately:
●    Some discs share one item record and are kept as a set.
●    Some discs have their own item record but share a bib with the other items and with sets.  
●    Some discs have their own item record and share a bib with other items in the set.
●    Some discs have their own item record and their own bib record.
Some bib records containing discs fail to prompt patrons to select from the individual attached items because a volume field isn’t being used (also necessary for magazine issues sharing one record).  As a result patron often receive the wrong item.

Spooner does not wish to catalog DVD multi-volume sets as one record, but agreed to a compromise of the catalog having two records: one for bib sets (labeled “the complete set”) and one for bib for the separate discs to share (labeled as such and with a volume field in them).

Mike Sheehan will provide the necessary instructions and will work to adjust current records, prioritizing new and popular titles.  He will provide a progress report at the May Merlin meeting.

Merlin Cloud Backup
Mike Sauvola presented a handout describing what NWLS does now and what the proposal is if change in light of future changes with Sierra support.  Teresa Schmidt asked if we could use the Merlin automation budget for the first year costs.  Linda Stobbe advised using the software budget for first year costs.  Teresa moved to accept the three-year contract with Innovative using Merlin General Fund to cover first year costs and the future costs would be included in the Merlin formula/budget.  Cherie seconded.  Passed unanimously.

Motion by Shirley Miller, second by Molly Lank-Jones to adjourn the meeting at Noon. Passed unanimously.

Next meeting date: May 21, 2015 at 10:00 (via GoToWebinar)
Respectfully submitted,
Michael Sheehan