Sierra Circulation Offline

The Offline Circulation client records transactions when the Innovative server is down and the library does not have a connection to Millennium modules. When the connection is re-established, staff can upload the transactions to the server. Print instructions (PDF)

I. The Current Version of Offline Circulation

A. Check the Version of your Offline

1. Open the Offline Circ program from your desktop
2. From the toolbar, click on Help > About
3. A pop-up box will display the version.
4. If you need to download a newer version, follow the steps below.

B. Download the Current Version of Offline

1. Delete the outdated Offline Circ icon.
2. From the NWLS website ( For Library Staff > Technology > (log in) > Technology Programs
3. Select Offline Circulation for Windows [there is also a link for Macs]
4. When asked to Run or Save the file, choose Save
5. Choose your desktop as the "Save In" location and use the default "File name" and "Save as type" options. Then click Save
6. Click "Save" and wait for the program to download.
7. Click Close to finish and log out of NWLS.
8. Double-click the new icon on your desktop to begin an extraction process.
9. You may be asked to run the unverified version or cancel. Choose Run.
10. At the installation guide prompt, choose Next.
11. At the server domain/IP address, enter and click Next
12. The client will start installing
13. At the "Install Complete" prompt, click Done
14. Delete the offline.exe installation file icon from the desktop
15. Refer to the following steps for setting up and using the program.

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II. Using Offline Circulation

A. Before You Circulate

1. The date and time in on your pc needs to be correct
2. Open Offline by clicking on the Millennium Offline Circulation icon.
3. To check that you have version 7.0, click on Help > About.
4. To check that you are set up properly, click on View > Preferences.
a. The statistics number is the same as your terminal number.
b. UNCHECK the Barcode Validity box.
c. Select your due slip preferences and messages.
d. Lines to eject should be 8.
e. To save new preferences, click APPLY.
5. To remove any old transactions, Click File > Erase Circulation Transactions and choose YES to confirm.

B. Check-Out Procedures

1. From the menu to the left select the Checkout icon. If you will be checking out movies and books with different due dates, separate them into two groups.
2. First scan a patron barcode.
3. Enter due date for the first group (09-03-2013)
4. At the hourly due date prompt "Hourly?" type n for no. Enter.
5. Scan the first group of items.
6. If there are items with a different due date, click New Due Date.
7. Set the new due date. The hourly prompt will display n. Press Enter.
8. Scan the second group of items.
9. Click New Patron to print a due date slip.
10. For the next patron, scan the patron barcode.
11. Repeat steps 3-9.

C. Uploading Procedures

1. When Circulation is back up and running, upload your Offline transactions.
2. To upload Offline transactions, choose File > Upload circulation and patron data...
3. The screen will indicate the number of transactions uploaded. Make note of the number and the time on your PC.
4. Click OK.
5. Click NO at the prompt, "Clear circulation file?"
6. Exit by choosing File > Exit > Yes.
7. For the uploaded file to be processed, send an email message to Marsha at NWLS.

D. Erase Transactions

1. You can erase transactions after receiving confirmation from NWLS that the uploaded files have been processed
a. Open Offline Circulation and select File > Erase Circulation Transactions.
b. Choose Yes to confirm.
c. Exit Offline Circulation.

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