Sierra Circulation Holds Management

View Outstanding Holds • Clear Hold Shelf • High Demand Holds • Book Club Holds

View Outstanding Holds

View Holds for Local Patrons

In Circulation select the View Outstanding Holds icon on the side menu. To limit the list to old holds, change the date displayed under Limit Display to: Holds Placed Before. Set the pickup location to the top local default selection. Click the View Outstanding Holds button.

To sort the results by date, left-click on the column heading “Date Placed”.

To print the list click the printer icon at the top of the page.

View Holds on Local Items

To view item holds on your local items, select the View Outstanding Holds function. Change the Pickup Location to All. In the "Limit Display to:" section adjust the date if necessary. Change the Patron Name to "Item Location" from the dropdown menu and type in the two letter library code. Click the View Outstanding Holds button.

To sort the results by date, left-click on the first column heading “Date Placed”. Right-click on the last column heading "Hold Status" to view the item status (Available, Billed, In Repair, In Transit, etc.)

To view the item, right-click on the number and left-click View Item. Click on the Holds tabs or summary tab to view more information. To return to the holds list, click the Close icon.

View Holds to be Cleared from the Holdshelf

You can view items that have been on the holdshelf too long by selecting the Clear Expired Holds and Holdshelf feature. Select the View button. To view details of an item on the list, click on an item and either click the Hold Detail button or right mouse click. To print the list, click the Print icon at the top right corner of the screen.

Clear the Holdshelf

Clearing the holdshelf automatically cancels holds that have been sitting on the shelf too long and sets their status to "in transit" to fill the next hold or to return to the owning library. This process is necessary for preventing the system from crashing and to keep it running smoothly.

In Circulation select the Clear Holdshelf icon on the side menu. Be sure the Location is set to your library and click "Clear". Select the Print icon to print a report of expired holds to be removed from your holdshelf. Select "Close". Expired holds on the printout are automatically cancelled and transferred to the next person in line. Check in items from the report to generate delivery slips.

High-Demand Holds Report


To track the items on which patrons place a large number of holds in order to determine future acquisitions, you can generate a High Demand Holds report for the system (five or more holds) or for a selected pickup location (three or more holds):

1. Select the High Demand Holds icon from the side menu

2. Choose either a System report or a Selected Pickup Location report

3. The Selected Pickup Location report requires a selection from the drop-down menu

4. Select the Create Report button

Report Display

The report dislpays the following information:

Title: The item's title.

Author: The item's author.

Material Type: The material type of the item.

System Holds: The total system-wide number of holds for this item. This number includes the holds on the bibliographic record and on any attached item records.

System Items: The total number of items attached to the relevant bibliographic record.

Local Holds: For selected Pickup Location reports only, this indicates the number of holds at the selected pickup location for this item. This number includes the holds on the bibliographic record and on any attached item records.

Local Items: For Selected Pickup Location reports only, this indicates the number of items associated with the selected pickup location that are attached to the relevant bibliographic record.

Report Functions

To view the bibliographic record for an entry, select the entry and choose the View Bib button.

To print the table
, choose the Print button.

To export the table choose the Export button. Choose Print to a file.
Choose a folder and enter a file name in which to save the table.

To create another report
, choose the type of report you wish to view and select the Create Report button.

To clear the report
, choose the Close button.

Managing Book Club Holds

The following procedures are recommended by the consortium for libraries choosing to manage book club requests: 

Book Club Accounts

  • Create an Account for Each Book Club
  • Use Patron Status l - Bulk Loan
  • Use Patron Type 23 - Book Club
  • Choose the library local township, county and home library
  • The Last Name is Bookclub
  • The First Name is the 2 letter library code (i.e. HA)
  • The Middle Name is the club name (i.e. Wednesday)

(This patron account name would be Bookclub, HA Wednesday)

  • The contact information (address, phone, etc.) is the library

Selecting Titles

Book clubs can choose from hundreds of titles in Merlin (the Book Club Featured List) and WISCAT. Because it's very important that libraries have the ability to circulate popular titles locally, item holds are not to be placed for book clubs on new or best seller titles unless you're willing to purchase most of the copies, especially if you will have several book clubs interested in the same book.

Item Holds: Two weeks before the club meets, place item holds from the book club account - request an extra copy in case one comes up missing. (The average delivery time is 3 days from libraries with 3 delivery days a week and 7-9 days from libraries with delivery once or twice a week.) Be aware that libraries are only notified (paged) once for item holds so you'll need to contact a library if their item fails to be sent right away.

Title Holds: These are also known as bib or copy returned soonest holds and one library at a time will be paged for a title every 24 hours until requests are all filled. Requests are also filled as any items are checked in. Request title holds one month in advance for Merlin and WISCAT items.

When Items Arrive

As each item arrives, check it out to the club card and attach the due date slip. Set it aside for the club. The check out time is 21 days, no renewals. Return promptly any items that aren't picked up by the due date.

Checking out to Club Members

Check out a book to each club member. If they don't meet at the library, copies will be available for each person to pick up the week they meet.