Sierra Circulation Holds

Priority Table

When a hold is placed online or by staff, a priority table automatically sends the request to a library, giving preference to the pickup location. If the item becomes checked out and cannot fill a hold, the system sends the request to the next library with an available item.

When staff place title "copy returned soonest" holds (even when there are items available) the priority table automatically sends the request to libraries. Item holds will only need to be placed when a specific volume is needed, and when multiple copies are needed (for book clubs.)

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• The majority of holds can be placed as Copy Returned Soonest (title) holds.

• Requests stay at the title level until filled, preventing stuck item holds.

• Patrons will not see a status of Available when viewing their holds online.

• The priority list will reduce the imbalanced lending load some net-lenders have carried for several years.

• The priority table will give preference to the pickup location for patron online requests.

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Sierra Holds

1. Place Title "Copy Returned Soonest" holds when requesting titles in Sierra. Item holds are only necessary for book club requests and records that involve volumes (video sets, magazines, etc.)

2. When you choose “Page for title” at the prompt, the request is sent and the title will show up on a library Paging List. If you page an item available locally, the title will not display on the paging list. When items are available, please refrain from reserving them. 

3. A "priority table" selects a library with an available copy to page. The table lists libraries in order based on the delivery table, geographic proximity and lending volume.

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Filling a Request

1. A hold is triggered when checking in an item that can fill a hold.

2. Checking in a title from a paging list will prompt you to fill the hold.

3. The item status will automatically change to "in transit" when you check in an item on hold to be picked up at another library.

Not Filling a Request

1. If an item on a paging list cannot be located, the item status should be changed to "missing".

2. If the item on the paging list is "missing" or has recently been checked out to a local patron, the request will automatically move to the next library on the priority list after three days.

3. If a request is not filled and there are no more available items to page, please notify the patron's home library.

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Printing paging lists

1. Item Paging Lists will display requests for selected “available” items or volumes.

2. Title Paging Lists will display a hold on a title with “available” items.

3. Title Paging Lists will include the following information:

    - Location
    - Call Number (item)
    - Bib record number
    - Author
    - Title
    - Publisher
    - Publication Date

    Washburn 635.9 DUN b14875573
    Planting green roofs and living walls / Nigel Dunnett and Noël Kingsbury.
    Portland, Or. : Timber Press, 2004

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Checking in an item to fill a hold

After checking in an item on your paging list, you will be prompted to choose from the following four options:

    1. Fulfill hold (Use this to fill the hold and set it In Transit or On Holdshelf depending on the Hold Pickup Location.)

    2. Check in, do not fulfill hold (Use this option if you have to check in the item without filling the hold. The next library on the priority list will be paged to fill the hold.)

    3. Cancel hold (Avoid this - it will cancel the Hold!)

    4. Cancel (Use this option if you decide not to Check In the item.)

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