Merlin Consortium Compliance Enforcement

Any member that wishes to file a complaint against another member for suspected non-compliance can do so only if they have attempted to remedy the issues with the offending member first. The accusing member is encouraged to use the Merlin Complaint Form  to document the initial communication related to the issue as well as any subsequent communication. If the initial complaint has not been resolved within 10 days, the accusing member should forward the completed complaint form and any additional documentation regarding the complaint to the Merlin Consortium Chair.
When a complaint form is filed with the current Merlin Chair, copies of that form should be sent to both the filing library and receiving library. The filing and receiving libraries should retain copies of the complaints.
After receiving three complaint forms regarding the same offense on the same issue the Merlin Executive Committee will begin an investigation of the problem as outlined in the Merlin By-Laws.
The Merlin Executive Committee will not investigate any alleged non-compliance without proper documentation.
The first warning will include training, and the Executive Committee will establish training guidelines for the offending member. The training may include a member mentor for the offending member. Training will be scheduled within 30 days of the 1st written warning.
The Executive Committee will use the following resources to aid in any investigation of offensive practices: 
  • NWLS System Membership Agreement
  • Merlin Compliance document (signed copies)
  • Merlin Compliance Requirements document
The Executive Committee will use the following documents to aid in any investigation of offensive practices: 
  • The complaint forms submitted to the Committee
  • Any data or statistics gathered regarding the issue
  • All email or other communications between parties
  • Any training materials or reminders sent regarding expected policies and standards
  • Any other applicable materials and documents