Merlin Consortium Compliance Priorities

The Executive Committee will investigate claims of non-compliance based on following Merlin Membership Requirements:
• The library agrees to abide by and support the bylaws and decisions made by the Merlin Consortium.
• The library agrees to include all materials on the area-wide database and lend all materials to other libraries (subject to such reasonable limitations as agreed to between the library and NWLS). Maintenance of an accurate holdings list is required to participate in interlibrary loan.
• The library will reserve the “copy returned soonest” (bib hold) even when there are items available. Item holds should only be placed when (a) a specific volume is needed, or (b) multiple copies are needed.
• The library will print notices (including failed notices) and paging lists (bib and item) as well as fill holds from paging lists each day the library is open. When a paged item cannot be found, the library will promptly change the item status to “missing.” If the library owns the only copy in NWLS they must notify the borrowing library as soon as possible.
• The library will clear the holdshelf each day the library is open to remove expired holds.
• The pickup location determines the library allowed to cancel a patron hold without patron approval.
• Libraries will not waive fines and bills owed to other libraries.
• The library will block circulation to patrons with outstanding bills.
• The library will create new patron records as complete as possible before any circulation transactions are made. The library will keep patron records up to date and promptly attend to pop-up messages. A complete record includes data in the following fields: patron type, patron status, home library, county code, local government code, name, address, home telephone, and email.