Delivery Procedures

Routing Within NWLS


Paper Interdepartmental envelopes are available from NWLS for sending light items. Please return extras to NWLS.

Reusable cloth NWLS bags are only available for sending items to NWLS area libraries. Please return extra bags to NWLS. All items sent in the delivery should be packaged, and multiple items for one library can be packaged together in one bag. If you are low on bags, ask the delivery driver or contact NWLS to get a new supply.  You could also use other types of bags to send delivery items. Or you could send items without using bags by placing a label on the top of the item with removable tape.  To send multiple items to one location without using a bag, bundle items together with rubber bands and fasten a label on the top item with removable tape.

NWLS Bins should be used to contain the outgoing packages for the delivery driver. Bins can also be used for sending large items or many items to one location. If bins or boxes are used to send a shipment to one library, be sure to label the top of the bin clearly and tape or fasten the edges of the bin to keep it from opening during delivery.


Bags or containers for NWLS libraries are labeled with the library town rather than the library name. A template for NWLS Delivery Labels (pdf) is available if you need additional labels. Labeling exceptions: Label Bad River as Bad River, Lac Courte Oreilles as Lac Courte Oreilles, Madeline Island as Madeline Island, Ashland PL as Vaughn, Ashland, and Northern Waters as NWLS, Ashland.

As a Lender all items you loan must be identified with your library’s name and address, and sent with a copy of the WISCAT shipping slip, ILL request, or Merlin transit slip. A "best practices" guide was designed by a Wisconsin Delivery Services Advisory Subcommittee to help library staff effectively use delivery services and can be viewed as a pdf.


NWLS member libraries – Send directly to the library

Phelps School – Send to Phelps Public library. Label with the school name.

Washburn High School - Send items to Washburn PL

Routing Outside NWLS

For all items to be sent outside of NWLS, please be sure to check the Wisconsin Delivery Network Members List if a WISCAT shipping slip is not available.  Items routed outside the NWLS area are labeled with a WISCAT routing slip or a pink routing slip.  Multiple items for one library could be bundled together with rubber bands.  WISCAT routing slips should be placed inside of books with the correct delivery side facing up - or taped on the outside of DVDs or other media with removable tape.  Pink labels should be secured with removable tape. (Never use regular Scotch tape, since it will damage the surfaces of items.)  For academic libraries (WiLS and UW-System libraries) use a peach academic routing slip.

Send all items for Wisconsin delivery network members outside of NWLS to NWLS (check the Wisconsin Delivery Network Members List.) If you use WISCAT ILL, please use WISCAT shipping slips as routing slips.  If the Route To line on the WISCAT shipping slip is blank or if it lists Mail, return the item in U.S. mail.  If there is no WISCAT paperwork, tape a pink delivery network routing slip onto the item with removable tape and secure with a rubber band horizontally (see example). The Route To name on the first line and the library name written on second line of the routing slip should be as they appear in the Delivery Network Members List. If a library is not on the list, the item must be sent by U.S. mail.

MINITEX – Send to NWLS. Label with a WISCAT shipping label if possible, otherwise use a pink routing slip and mark it with TO: NWLS / FOR: MINITEX.

WiLS and UW-System Libraries - Send to NWLS. Use peach academic routing slips.

Lost Items

Borrowed Materials

The requesting library is responsible for borrowed materials.
Wisconsin follows the Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States, as published by the American Library Association. Under Responsibilities of the Requesting Library, section 4.9, "The requesting library is responsible for borrowed material from the time it leaves the supplying library until it has been returned to and received by the supplying library. This includes all material shipped directly to and/or returned by the user. If damage or loss occurs, the requesting library is responsible for compensation or replacement, in accordance with the preference of the supplying library."

Lost in Delivery List

South Central Library System’s “Lost in Delivery List” offers librarians the opportunity to post items lost in the delivery.