Net Neutrality Update

At their December 14 meeting, the Federal Communications Commission will vote on whether to restore the Internet to a light regulatory framework by classifying broadband Internet service as an information service, reversing the 2015 Title II classification that insures all websites and online services are treated equally by broadband companies. The new proposal would simply require Internet service providers to be transparent about their practices.


Hundreds of libraries and information professionals are among the millions of internet users who weighed in to support the 2015’s Net Neutrality Order. The American Library Association is committed to preserving the open and free internet we all need to ensure intellectual freedom and equitable access in the digital age. They will continue working with supporters of strong net neutrality protections to ensure policymakers know how important a free and open internet is to libraries and the communities we serve. ALA will provide analysis of the draft order and additional options for librarians to raise their voices in support of the Open Internet in the coming weeks.

Order WI Income Tax Forms Before December 15!


Libraries that provide service to Wisconsin taxpayers by making tax forms available at your location(s). You may now order your 2017 Wisconsin income tax forms. Please submit your order (using the forms order system at by December 15, 2017. In an effort to reduce the cost, please order the number of forms you distributed last year.

  • Click the 'Governments' tab
  • Click 'Libraries'
  • In the Order Forms box, select 'Forms Order System'


Step 1: Enter complete information in the Library screen.

Step 2: Click on 'Next', which opens the Selection screen. Enter the number of forms needed in the box in front of each form type.

Step 3: Click on 'Next', which opens the Review screen.

  • If your order is not correct, click on 'Previous' to edit
  • If your order is correct you can right click and select 'Print'
  • Click 'Place Order'
  • Click 'Print Confirmation Code' and 'Exit Forms Ordering System'


More E-filing – Less Paper
We appreciate you encouraging your customers to use the following services:

  • Wisconsin e-file is free, secure and accurate! Wisconsin taxpayers receive their refunds more quickly using Wisconsin e-file application available on our website.
  • Online Forms - All Wisconsin tax forms are available online.

If you have any questions or need assistance with placing your order, please contact Kathleen Henry at (608) 261-7601 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Please submit your order by December 15th.

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PLSR Public Meeting at the Vaughn Public Library

Steering Committee members of the Public Library System Redesign (PLSR) project will hold an in-person session to discuss the Public Library System Redesign project on Thursday, September 21 from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. in Ashland at the Vaughn Public Library. The goal of PLSR is to investigate and develop a plan for implementation of new models of service in Wisconsin. Public library systems provide a strong network of resource sharing among more than 380 public libraries in all of Wisconsin's 72 counties.

Changes in society, resources and technologies have created new demands and opportunities for systems to explore forward-thinking solutions to better serve Wisconsin today and in the future.

Libby is Live

Wisconsin's Digital Library now links to Libby as the preferred mobile app instead of the existing OverDrive app. To help support Libby users visit The OverDrive app has not been phased out, but Libby is more user-friendly and will soon be available for Kindle Fire. 

WI Libraries For Everyone Blog Relocates

Starting July 5th, the Wisconsin Libraries for Everyone blog will be updated in its new home at The site is active now, so go ahead and check it out! All new blog posts will be posted only to the new site, so be sure to bookmark it! If you’re currently signed up for email notifications, you’ll continue to receive those email notifications from the new blog.