Sierra Cataloging Verification Guide

When cataloging, perform your search, but before deciding if the
bibliographic MARC record is the correct one, it should be verified
against the piece in hand. Generally, producing an ISBN match is a good guess in trusting the record is correct, but searches involving authors or titles need to be evaluated one step further.

Check the following fields (if applicable) for all formats in determining a
record match:
• 020 ISBN
• 245 Title statement
• 250 Edition statement
• 260 Publisher/distributor information

In addition, the following may be used when various formats apply:
• 100 Author
• 300 Pagination or recording length or number of cassettes/CDs/videos/DVDs
• 511 Casting information (for films)

When the criteria do not match, do not use the Merlin record and a new record should be added to the catalog from the z39.50/Remote database choices.