Sierra Cataloging Codes for Item Status

 - Available Item is available for circulation Y
 ! On Hold Shelf Item checked in with a hold to pick up at the library N
 $ Lost and Paid  System maintained: Patron has paid for a lost item  N
 E Check Internet Electronic resource  N
 M Missing  Item cannot be found in the library  N
 N Billed System maintained: Overdue schedule triggered a bill  N
 O Library Use Only  Staff or Reference material N
 P In Processing  Not ready for checkout  Y
 R In Repair  Awaiting parts or mending   Y
 S For School Use  Reserved for Phelps School curricular purposes  N
 T In Transit  System maintained: In delivery to owner or to fill a hold  Y
 U On Order  Library has placed an order to purchase item  Y
 W Withdrawn  Item will be withdrawn from the library  N
 X Unavailable  Item is not currently available  N
 Z Claims Ret'd  Patron claims to have returned the item  N


Special Notes Regarding Select Statuses
Using an item status other than for its intended purpose could be interpreted as a violation of the ‘same services’ requirement for public libraries in Wisconsin [state statutes require that public libraries provide service to all residents of the system service area on an equal basis with residents of the community that funds the library]. 
In Processing 
Libraries may choose to use this status (since it is not required) if the processing of materials requires a period of significant time.  
On Order 
Libraries can display their intent on adding and making titles available to patrons when creating ‘on order’ records.  Holds can be placed on these titles.  
Libraries that close for an extended period or have collections that are temporarily made unavailable for searching, holds, and circulation should use this status to define those circumstances.  Used also for WISCAT items in Merlin.
Setting an item to ‘withdrawn’ does not trigger an automatic deletion from the catalog.  Deletion of records for materials physically removed from the collection must be manually completed.
**IMPORTANT: Any items that come from technical services or the cataloging area to be returned to the regular shelves or New titles collection should be checked-in first in order to trigger any trapped holds those items can fill.  This includes new materials with a status of ‘Available’ or ‘In Processing,’ or items that have been ‘In Repair.’  When in doubt, check the material back in before re-shelving it. No library should use one of these statuses in order to generate a first local check-out; following the Priority of Local Holds (and encouraging patron placed holds) will enable this behavior to happen.