Trustee Meetings

Trustee Meeting 2018.01.13

NWLS Board of Trustees
January 13, 2018
10:00 A.M.
Go-To-Webinar (with NWLS HQ open for in-person attendees)

1. Call to Order/Roll Call
Jeff Burke called the meeting to order at 10:00 am.

Present: Ron Leino (Douglas County ~ online), Buzz Byrne (Burnett County ~ online), Dian Delong (Sawyer County), Sandy Mackie (Washburn County), Jocelyn Ford (Washburn County), Kathryn McKenzie (Douglas County ~ online), Jeff Burke (Vilas County), Laura Rachford (Burnett County ~ online), Clarence Campbell (Ashland County), Connie Cogger (Bayfield County), Jim Crandall (Bayfield County), Vivian Markley (Douglas County ~ online), Sherry Machones (Director), Michelle Gostomski (Office Manager), Heather Daoust (Mail-A-Book~ online).

Absent: Mary Platner (Vilas County), Jim Bassett (Sawyer County), Susan Hendrickson (Douglas County), Matt Dietsche (Douglas County), John Sendra (Iron County), Al Lundquist (Ashland County), Donna Knuckey (Winter Public Library).

2. Guest Comments

3. Approval of the November 11, 2017, Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
Motion by Sandy Mackie, second by Jocelyn Ford to approve the November 11, 2017, Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes. There was a correction in the Director’s report to include the word “on” to make a sentence grammatically correct, noticed by Buzz Byrne. Motion carried unanimously.

4. Election of Officers
Jeff Burke entertained nominations of the current slate of officers. The Board agreed to take the current slate, having no objections voiced. Buzz Byrne moved to close nominations, Laura Rachford seconded. Kathryn McKenzie moved to nominate Jeff Burke as President, Sandy Mackie as Vice-President, and Clarence Campbell for Treasurer. Jocelyn Ford seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

After the election, Sherry Machones listed Board members where there was a question on their Board re-appointment to confirm their status. This included Connie Cogger, Laura Rachford, Ron Leino, Dian Delong, and Mary Platner. Sherry will write to the counties to request that these individuals be reappointed.

5. Approval of November and December 2017 NWLS Expenditures
Motion by Laura Rachford, second by Dian Delong to approve the November and December 2017 NWLS Expenditures. There was a question about negatives being shown next to some of the journal entries. Michelle Gostomski reported that there were issues with Excel and they are not negative entries. The way the entries are reported to the Board will be revised after the audit. Motion carried unanimously.

6. Approval of December 31, 2017, Financial Statement and Budget Report – Pending Audit
Motion by Laura Rachford, second by Buzz Byrne to accept the December 31, 2017, Financial Statement and Budget Report – pending the audit. There was a question about the 1% LSTA budget detail, which Michelle Gostomski said that it should be listed as 99%. Motion carried unanimously.

7. Director’s Report
Updates from member libraries:
• Amy Stormberg has left the Shell Lake Public Library.
• Iron River has moved into their newly renovated building.
Updates from the system:
• NWLS held a Winter Relaxation Retreat in December. Directors and staff enjoyed a day of playing with new technology, relaxation activities, and camaraderie.
Updates from the Director:
• Bad River requested a one-month extension to the January 1st deadline for a plan for the future. DPI and NWLS agreed to the extension, and now they have until February 1st to submit their plan.
• I have continued to do new Director orientations.
• I was reelected to represent Wisconsin on the ALA Council. I will be attending the ALA Midwinter Conference on February 8-14, in Denver. I was also appointed by LD&L to be the new Federal Relations Coordinator for Wisconsin. That position organizes all the events and attendees from Wisconsin at National Legislative Day in May.
• I continue to participate in PLSR meetings and workgroups. Workgroup models are being finalized with a deadline of April.

Multiple Board members commended Sherry Machones for her willingness to serve locally and nationally.

8. Adjourn
Jeff Burke moved to adjourn the meeting at 10:32 a.m. Jim Crandall seconded.

Respectfully submitted,

Sherry Machones, Director