Trustee Meetings

Trustee Meeting 2017.11.11

NWLS Board of Trustees
November 11, 2017
12:00 a.m.
NWLS Headquarters

1. Call to Order/Roll Call
Jeff Burke called the meeting to order at 12:02 pm.

Present: Jeff Burke (Vilas County), Dian Delong (Sawyer County), Jim Bassett (Sawyer County), Ron Leino (Douglas County), Buzz Byrne (Burnett County), Sandy Mackie (Washburn County), Clarence Campbell (Ashland County), Connie Cogger (Bayfield County), Jocelyn Ford (Washburn County), Susan Hendrickson (Douglas County), Sherry Machones (Director), Alyssa Cleland (Assistant Director), Michelle Gostomski (Office Manager), Online: Vivian Markley (Douglas County).

Absent: Matt Dietsche (Douglas County), Jim Crandall (Bayfield County), John Sendra (Iron County), Kathryn McKenzie (Douglas County), Al Lundquist (Ashland County), Robert Mock (Douglas County), Laura Rachford (Burnett County), Mary Platner (Vilas County), and Donna Knuckey (Winter Public Library).

2. Guest Comments
Alyssa Cleland introduced herself to the Board.

3. Approval of the September 16, 2017, Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
Motion by Buzz Byrne, second by Jocelyn Ford to approve the September 16, 2017 Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes. Motion carried unanimously.

4. Approval of September and October 2017 NWLS Expenditures
Motion by Dian Delong, second by Sandy Mackie to approve the September and October 2017 NWLS Expenditures. Motion carried unanimously.

5. Approval of October 31, 2017, Financial Statement and Budget Report
Motion by Susan Hendrickson, second by Buzz Byrne to approve the October 31, 2017 Financial Statement and Budget Report. Motion carried unanimously.

6. Approval of Employee Benefits Policy
Michelle Gostomski gave background information on the need for detailed information on NWLS’s health benefits policy for our auditors. There is no change to the policy, just detailed information inserted. Motion by Buzz Byrne, second by Susan Hendrickson to accept the updated employee benefits policy. Motion carried unanimously.

7. Discussion of NWLS Building Repair
Sherry Machones briefed the Board with the repairs done to the building since the last meeting. Al Lundquist’s recommended company inspected the building and could not determine the cause of leakage nor get it to happen again. His suggestion was to seal the floor and replace the carpet with carpet squares. Other recommendations were to install gutters and update the landscaping. NWLS staff had seamless gutters installed on that side of the building and plans to update the landscaping in the spring. Costs to date are approximately $400 and are not expected to go over $1000 when the landscaping is finished next spring.

8. Discussion of Book Drop Replacement
Sherry Machones suggested that the replacement of 4 degrading book drops be spread out over two years due to costs. The Town of Scott book drop would be replaced immediately. General consensus from the Board was to contact Action Logistics to see if they would conduct usage surveys of all book drop locations every other month. Machones will contact Action Logistics and continue to monitor the delivery PLSR workgroup for possible future service plans.

9. Approval of 2018 NWLS Budget and Pay Scale
Sherry Machones shared the legislative update that the state has approved an increase to state aid which precipitated a need to revise our 2018 budget. Since we have a more definitive year end projection, Machones suggested that the Board discuss and consider the pay scale. The new year end projection is at $58,860. Michelle Gostomski presented the proposed NWLS Staff pay scale options. Sherry Machones shared the 2017 wage study that shows NWLS is still in the bottom three systems when it comes to most positions. Gostomski mentioned that we have room in the 2018 budget for approximately $26,000. Machones wanted the Board to be mindful of the situation in most systems, positions are only one job not several and many combined positions are being separated. Machones also mentioned that PLSR is now gathering salary and benefit information to be used for possible future HR decisions which could impact availability and qualifications of system staff to serve local libraries. Motion by Susan Hendrickson, second by Jocelyn Ford to approve the 2018 budget with Machones being in charge of performance evaluations and granting hourly wage increases to staff to bring them closer to the state average for their positions, not to exceed a total budgetary impact of $23,805. Motion passed 9-1, with Jim Bassett voting no.

10. Approval of Letter to Bad River
Sherry Machones briefed the Board with the history of compliance violations at the Bad River Library. Bad River Library has been in an uncompliant state for two years and this jeopardizes our state aid and the compliance of the entire library system. Machones met with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction in September to report that no plans to reopen the library nor hire a new librarian have been communicated since the previous deadline of June of 2017 and that the library has been closed for over a year. DPI helped craft the letter to Bad River to give them a deadline of January 1, 2018 to notify us of a plan to regain compliance or be faced with expulsion from the system. Motion by Jocelyn Ford, second by Clarence Campbell to approve the letter to Bad River. Motion carried unanimously.

11. Discussion of the 2018 NWLS Board Meeting Dates
Michelle Gostomski requested that the January meeting be changed to the 13th to allow more time for audit preparations. There were no objections.

15. Director’s Report
Updates from member libraries:
• Ashland has hired Sarah Adams, Madeline Island has hired Lauren Schuppe, and Iron River has hired Jacqueline Pooler as Director.
• Mercer has solar panels installed on their building.
• Bayfield held a successful Comic-con with over 300 attendees.
• The grand opening of the new Walter E. Olson Library in Eagle River is on December 15th.
• Superior is starting construction on December 4th and expects it will take 6 months to complete.
• Iron River estimates that they might be finished with construction by the end of December.
• Cable just finished restoration work on the outside walls. They were closed for two weeks.
Updates from the system:
• We are seeking a new policy for building insurance since the State has ended their policy.
• The Merlin Consortium voted to continue the Novelist enhancements. The Directors voted to not renew the Ancestry Database. Our subscription expires on March 31st.
Updates from the Director:
• IFLS data breach: On September 15th 25 Eau Claire patrons had their personal information stolen. A ransom letter was sent to another IFLS library. IFLS turned the case over to the FBI. Hackers used a configuration setting in the WebPAC URL through their Boopsie app.
• Red Cliff has a new Chair and is supportive of libraries but will not pursue reopening until there is a plan and budget. UW Madison is assisting with this.
• Alyssa and I have been the road doing new director orientations and cataloging training.
• WLA conference was very valuable. The PLSR model updates was probably the most valuable, especially for Alyssa. Each PLSR model update session was recorded and are available to watch here:
• WVLS is currently hiring for a Continuing Education Consultant. We are planning to contract with WVLS for this position in 2018, with myself providing Inclusive Service Consulting to them.

17. Adjourn
Clarence Campbell moved to adjourn the meeting at 1:30 p.m. Sandy Mackie seconded.

Respectfully submitted,

Sherry Machones, Director