Trustee Meetings

Trustee Meeting 2017.09.16

NWLS Board of Trustees
September 16, 2017
10:00 a.m.
NWLS Headquarters

1. Call to Order/Roll Call
Sandy Mackie called the meeting to order at 10:00 am.

Present: Dian Delong (Sawyer County), Jim Bassett (Sawyer County), Ron Leino (Douglas County), Buzz Byrne (Burnett County), Laura Rachford (Burnett County), Sandy Mackie (Washburn County), Clarence Campbell (Ashland County), Connie Cogger (Bayfield County), Vivian Markley (Douglas County), Kathryn McKenzie (Douglas County), Jocelyn Ford (Washburn County), Robert Mock (Douglas County), Al Lundquist (Ashland County), Susan Hendrickson (Douglas County), Mary Platner (Vilas County), Donna Knuckey (Winter Public Library), Sherry Machones (Director), Michelle Gostomski (Office Manager).

Absent: Matt Dietsche (Douglas County), Jim Crandall (Bayfield County), John Sendra (Iron County), Jeff Burke (Vilas County).

2. Guest Comments

3. Approval of the July 15, 2017, Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
Motion by Laura Rachford, second by Buzz Byrne to approve the July 15, 2017 Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes. Motion carried unanimously.

4. Approval of July and August 2017 NWLS Expenditures
Motion by Kathryn McKenzie, second by Connie Cogger to approve the July and August 2017 NWLS Expenditures. Motion carried unanimously.

5. Approval of August 31, 2017, Financial Statement and Budget Report
Motion by Jocelyn Ford, second by Al Lundquist to approve the August 31, 2017 Financial Statement and Budget Report. Motion carried unanimously.

6. Approval of E-Rate Payments to Libraries
Michelle Gostomski gave background information on the ongoing issues with receiving money from the government e-rate system. The government system over the years has instituted procedures that makes it impossible for consortia to apply for these funds, requiring individual libraries to request these funds. NWLS libraries will not qualify for these funds starting July 2017. Motion by Jim Bassett, second by Laura Rachford to distribute the $8,110.99 in expected e-rate funds from the NWLS reserves. Motion carried unanimously.

7. Approval of Book Drop Replacement
Sherry Machones presented pictures of 5 book drops that need to be replaced because of the level of disrepair (Poplar, Brule, Birchwood, Scott, Siren). Estimates for new book drops are $26,500, not including shipping. Motion by Susan Hendrickson, second by Jim Bassett to replace all 5 book drops with funding coming from the reserves and insurance money for the one that was involved in the accident. Motion carried unanimously. Kathryn McKenzie and Mary Platner request that a background and policy for replacement of book drops be presented at a future meeting.

8. Discussion of NWLS Building Repair
Sherry Machones briefed the Board with the background of the crack in the floor of Michelle’s office and the subsequent water damage. After inspecting, a local contractor suggested seamless gutters be placed on the building, install new drainage on the property, and replace all the plants around the building with insulation or pavement. The NWLS Board felt that firm numbers were needed to make a decision. Al Lundquist will give NWLS the contact information for a local company he recommends.

9. Approval of 2018 NWLS Budget and Pay Scale
Sherry Machones briefed the Board with the background of the 2017 projected savings (approx. $49,000 not including spending that has been approved at this meeting). Machones also informed the Board that the WI DPI has announced that the Technology Grant will be discontinued to fund PLSR projects. This results in a loss of $25,000 for our system. NWLS pays for Novelist ($5,800), Ancestry ($6,800), WPLC membership ($4,600), and training ($3,000) with this grant. Machones shared the results of member libraries willingness to pay for Novelist and Ancestry: Novelist 10 yes/3 no; Ancestry 7 yes/6 no. Motion by Kathryn McKenzie, second by Buzz Byrne to only fund the membership to WPLC. Motion carried unanimously.

Michelle Gostomski presented the proposed NWLS Staff pay scale options and healthcare costs. Sherry Machones reminded the Board of the wage study that was presented last year that showed NWLS is in the bottom three systems when it comes to pay and some positions are overpaid/underpaid. Various Board members mentioned that county pay increases were froze or at 1 percent. Gostomski mentioned that we have room in the budget for all proposed percentages and that any increase would mean a lot for staff morale. Motion by Jim Bassett, second by Mary Platner to approve a 2% pay increase for NWLS Staff.

With no other discussion, motion made by Susan Hendrickson, seconded by Dian Delong to approve the 2018 budget. Motion carried unanimously.

10. Discussion of County Appropriations
Sherry Machones presented the history of the county appropriations and the formulas that were used. The county formula was instituted after the book mobile service died. That formula included the average from the past two years for services and a usage variable from the mail-a-book and bookmobile service. In the early 2000’s the formula was no longer used and the NWLS Board decided to use a flat percentage increase from the prior years. This is the system currently used.

11. Approval of the 2018 Plan of Service
Sherry Machones called attention to the increased partnering of services with other systems for the coming year. Motion by Buzz Byrne, second by Al Lundquist to approve the 2018 Plan of Service. Motion carried unanimously.

12. Approval of the 2018 Member Library Agreements
Motion by Susan Hendrickson, second by Jocelyn Ford to approve the 2018 Member Library Agreements. Motion carried unanimously.
13. Approval of the 2018 County Service Agreements

Motion by Robert Mock, second by Jocelyn Ford to approve the 2018 County Service Agreements. Motion carried unanimously.

14. Approval of the 2018 Resource Library Agreement
Motion by Kathryn McKenzie, second by Susan Hendrickson to approve the 2018 Resource Library Agreement. Motion carried unanimously.

15. Director’s Report
Updates from member libraries:
• Ashland, Madeline Island, and Iron River are all currently looking for new Directors.
Updates from the system:
• We hired Alyssa Cleland as Assistant Director. She will be starting on October 9th.
• Compliance updates:
o Bad River: There has been no response from anyone at Bad River. I am awaiting a response from DPI as to future steps.
o County Plans: All Counties are current!
Updates from the Director:
• Legislative Update:
o The Washington County Board of Supervisors did pass a resolution at their August board meeting urging the consolidation of the 16 public library systems into one state-wide system with the request that the Wisconsin Counties Association change the WI statutes to this effect. They have confused the issue of library systems with cross-county funding and they mistakenly believe that making one library system will eliminate cross-county payments. LD&L, along with Steve Conway, recently met with the Wisconsin County Association (WCA) to try to head off this issue before it gains momentum. According to the folks at WCA, the resolution didn’t make their deadline to have it on the annual conference agenda. As a result of our meeting, we have been invited to address the WCA Board of Directors in December to talk about library systems and how they operate, as well as cross county payments.
o State budget: DPI’s budget was passed at the end of August. This included the additional $1.5 Million to library systems that was requested. We are now waiting for the Governor to sign it.
o Federal budget: The Senate Committee’s bill, approved by the Labor-HHS Subcommittee on Wednesday, would boost IMLS funding to $235 million. Grants to States would receive $160 million. The bill also includes increased funding in FY 2018 for a number of other library-related programs. The Committee’s funding measure now heads to the full Senate for consideration. If passed, it must eventually be reconciled with House. Congressional staff tells ALA that Congress will not be able to pass most, if any, of its 12 individual appropriations bills by the end of this month. Congress will likely need to enact a Continuing Resolution (CR), which would fund the government at current levels, to avert a government shutdown on October 1.
• ALA Councilor Report: Included in Board Packet
• ARSL Conference: This conference proved worthwhile. I was able to attend 4 sessions that impressed me enough to want to bring those speakers back for continuing education opportunities for our member libraries. Some of the speakers will be taking part in ‘Wild Wisconsin Winter Web Conference’ that we financially contribute to. Next year the conference will be in Springfield Illinois. I am going to encourage member libraries to attend and will try and partner with neighboring library systems for carpooling.
• PLSR Update: On September 21st, from 1-3pm, two of the PLSR Steering Committee members will be at the Vaughn Public Library in Ashland to answer any questions you might have about PLSR.

17. Adjourn
Buzz Byrne moved to adjourn the meeting at 11:44 a.m. Mary Platner seconded.

Respectfully submitted,


Sherry Machones, Director