Web Services Policy

The Northern Waters Library Service (NWLS) provides web services to member libraries for the purpose of supporting, improving, or promoting library or system services.  Web services include:

  • space on an NWLS server for library web sites,
  • web site design assistance,
  • web site development tools and support,
  • training

Services described in the guidelines below are provided to NWLS member libraries at no cost, unless otherwise specified.  Web services are coordinated by the Network Systems Administrator.


1.    NWLS will arrange for, and manage server space for each NWLS member library web site.  NWLS reserves the right to limit the amount of server space available for library web sites. Library staff should contact the Network Systems Administrator for assistance with web site hosting services.

2.    NWLS neither supports nor opposes the views expressed on any web site it hosts, except when so resolved by the NWLS Board of Trustees.

3.    NWLS reserves the right to refuse to manage any library web site. Libraries with web sites hosted on an NWLS managed server are responsible for monitoring, updating, and maintaining their own web sites. 

4.    NWLS will provide basic web site design and development services as well as training to member library staff, as feasible, on topics including: web design, web graphics, web-based technologies, and basic use of the Joomla Content Management System.  Training may take place in the Northern Waters computer lab, online, via telephone, or at member libraries.

5.    A basic website template,  as well as a basic organizational structure of the website will be provided as a “starting point” for each new website. Also included with each basic website will be an “Events Calendar”, a “Contacts” component, and a “Simple Lists” component. Libraries wishing to expand their website to include components other than those listed, may do so with permission from the Network Systems Administrator and the understanding that NWLS does not provide support, training, or maintenance for these extra components.
    Further, NWLS will not be responsible for repairing any damage that installing these extra     components might cause to a library website.

6.    Member library staff will be expected to participate in the design or development process.  NWLS reserves the right to limit design and development services when requested services exceed the level of expertise or time available from NWLS staff.

7.    Standard web site usage reports are available to each library with a web site hosted on an NWLS server.

8.    Member library staff may not load executable files, scripts, or databases on an NWLS web server without permission.  Requests to load or develop such services should be directed to the Network Systems Administrator.

9.    Member library staff may not load audio or video files on an NWLS web server.
    In order to conserve server space and bandwidth utilization, media projects (e.g.,podcasts,      vodcasts, photo albums, and audio or video files) should be hosted on remote sites recommended     by the Network Systems Administrator.

10.    Individual libraries or groups of libraries, working in collaboration with NWLS, may develop additional web sites to be hosted on an NWLS web server.  Additional web sites may be developed for specific projects that are consistent with the policy statement above.

Approved by the NWLS Board of Trustees
September 18, 2010