WLA Leadership Development Institute Applications Open: Applications are now being accepted for the newly revamped WLA Leadership Development Institute! The 2023 Leadership Development Institute (LDI) is a highly immersive training program designed specifically for our profession. Based on several overarching leadership competencies, participants will interact in cohort groups throughout the six-month program. Each module includes the introduction of problem-solving skills and real-life applications. Instructors represent a wide range of disciplines both within the library community as well as outside of the profession. Based on feedback from past Institute participants and our current membership and including recommendations from UW-Madison Extension instructors, the 2023 LDI program curriculum has been refreshed with updated content and a new format (a mix of in-person and virtual sessions) designed to make the program more inclusive. Read more. NWLS is offering a scholarship for anyone interested in this opportunity! Please let Sherry know if you are interested.