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Wisconsin Library Ecosystem

Monday, August 23

Presenter: Jennifer Thiele and John Thompson and Shannon Schultz

What is a library ecosystem and why is it important? In general terms, an ecosystem is a complex network or interconnected system. In today’s webinar, we’ll learn about the different partners involved in this ecosystem, beginning with a statewide perspective on how Wisconsin’s public libraries work. We will move our way through the public library system and the importance of system membership, then finish with libraries at the local level. Along the way, we’ll explore the statutory language that comes into play at each level, and we’ll provide links to resources that can be helpful.

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Departures & Arrivals: Transitions and Succession Planning

Tuesday, August 24

Presenter: Kate Hall and Kathy Parker

Trustees will learn how to successfully prepare for the departure of a director due to retirement or moving to a new library.  We will cover what the current director and board must put in place prior to the placement of a new director and discuss the role of  trustees in successfully onboarding a new director and the transition of them into their new role. We will provide a checklist of items to prepare for new library directors that will be supplied after the presentation. 

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Self-awareness for Social Justice Ally-ship

Wednesday, August 25

Presenter: Ruth de Jesus

In this session, participants will be invited to explore privilege, prejudice, and inclusion through story-telling and critical self-reflection. This session is interactive and will explore both individual and collective aspects of practicing social justice.

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Library Ethics 101: What Would You Do?

Thursday, August 26

Presenter: Patty Collins; Gail Santy; Maribeth Shafer

Public libraries face ethical issues all the time. This session aims to create an open discussion about library core values and ethics. Inspired by a session at the 2020 Public Library Association Conference, our program provides real library ethical scenarios, followed by a discussion with a panel of experienced trainers. We will discuss sticky situations when personal ethics and professional ethics differ. This is a highly interactive session; audience participation is encouraged. Attendees will leave with a list of helpful resources and books. 

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Trustee Leadership: Bringing it All Together

Friday, August 27

Presenter: Melissa McLimans and Stef Morrill

It’s the end of Trustee Training Week! It’s time to take what you’ve learned and apply it at your library. Join Melissa McLimans, consultant at Wisconsin Library Services (WiLS), and Stef Morrill, executive director of River Valley Commons and a current Friends of the Library Board Member at Spring Green Public Library, as they discuss how to support and develop the library’s vast, interconnected ecosystem by applying servant leadership.

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Wisconsin Trustee Training Week (TTW) was developed in 2014 by Jamie Matczak at the Nicolet Federated Library System with the goal of providing high-quality webinars to public library boards, friends, and trustees in Wisconsin. Since 2015, TTW has been coordinated by Jean Anderson at the South Central Library System.