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PLSR Workgroup Model Information Session Recording

NWLS is pleased to provide you with the recording of our PLSR workgroup information session that was held on Wednesday, April 11, 2018.

Bill Invests in Rural Libraries

Governor Walker signed library bill 2017 Wisconsin Act 142 to help rural community libraries with technology infrastructure and training grants.

Net Neutrality Update

The FCC ordered net neutrality to end on April 23, allowing ISPs to block, slow down, or charge more for certain content as they see fit. 

Big Increases for Libraries

Congress has passed an FY2018 omnibus spending bill that includes significant federal funding increases for our nation’s libraries! 

Google+ Librarian Groups

Collaborate, connect, be informed.

American Libraries

The Scoop covers a wide range of issues related to libraries.

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Services and reference resources:

Resource Sharing

Delivery - Guides, Routes
Circulation - Sierra guides, notices, codes, daily tasks, Merlin catalog
Interlibrary Loan - Guides, policies
Cataloging -  Sierra guides, codes, inventory, Acquisitions, maintenance
Merlin Consortium -  Governance, meetings, circulation reports

My Library

MailABook - Service by mail for those without access to a library.
Catalogs and Databases - Library collections and discovery databases.
Rural Bookdrops - Located throughout the system rural areas.
Readers Advisory - Books reviews, popular titles, award winners.

Library Development

Professional Development - Training, advocacy and events  for Librarians and Trustees
Collaboration - News, agencies  
Reports -  Annual, monthly
Services - Standards, outreach
Technology - Services, policies, long range plan, guides


Contact NWLS - Administration, resource sharing, technology and delivery staff departments 
Libraries -  Member library contacts
Board of Trustees - Members and meetings
Service Overview - Consultation, technology support, long range planning