Trustees meet six times each year (January, March, May, July, September, and November). All meetings are open to the public and most are held at NWLS.

The NWLS trustees are appointed by the eight participating county boards. Trustees (county board supervisors or citizens designees) can serve unlimited three-year terms. Each county is represented by one to five trustees, based on county population. The board also includes a representative from the Resource Library and an NWLS member library liaison.



  • Jeff Burke, President
  • Jocelyn Ford, Vice President
  • Clarence Campbell, Treasurer

Representing Ashland County

  • Clarence Campbell, Ashland

Representing Bayfield County

  • Jim Crandall, Drummond
  • Connie Cogger, Washburn

Representing Burnett County

  • Emmett Byrne, Siren
  • Erin Fox, Danbury

Representing Douglas County

  • Kathryn McKenzie, Superior
  • Sam Pomush, Superior
  • Courtney Dietsche, Superior
  • Susan Hendrickson, Superior
  • Ron Leino, Superior Public Library

Representing Iron County

  • Roxanne Lutgen, Mercer

Representing Sawyer County

  • Dian Delong, Hayward
  • Steve Kariainen, Lenroot

Representing Vilas County

  • Jeff Burke, Presque Isle
  • Richard Logan, Winchester

Representing Washburn County

  • Jocelyn Ford, Spooner
  • Linda Featherly, Minong

Library Liaison

  • Donna Knuckey, Winter

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