Advocacy Toolkit

Northern Waters Library Service seeks to provide its system staff, system board members, member library staff, member library board members, Friends of the Library groups, and other library advocates with the tools and training they need to incorporate advocacy into their regular work. We hope that these tools will make it easier to share important library stories with city council members, town board members, county board members, state legislators, and other community members. A focus on year-round library advocacy will help NWLS and its member libraries build productive relationships with their communities, stakeholders, and funding agencies.

Local Elections in Wisconsin

As a source of trusted information, libraries often receive questions about elections in their communities. Libraries should strive to be able to assist local residents with questions about elections and to direct residents to the best place to get more information...

Trustee Training

Trustee Training

  The Library Services Team at DPI believes that trustee education is a key component of public library and system success, and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction is close to rolling out a new statewide program to provide access to the United for...

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