From The Weekly, March 28, 2023: Wisconsin public library workers now have access to a tutorial covering the basics of privacy and public libraries, with specific attention to Wisconsin laws. These tutorials were created by the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s iSchool, and are sponsored by Wisconsin Public Library Systems with support from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, with funding from the Institute for Museum and Library Services.  

  • Privacy and Wisconsin Public Libraries Tutorial for Front-Line Staff:  This tutorial includes three modules.  Each module consists of a short (8-9 minute) video, links to additional reading, and a short comprehension quiz. The goal is to help front-line staff understand the reasons behind privacy policies and laws, as well as learning how to interact effectively with library users about privacy.
  • Privacy and Wisconsin Public Libraries Tutorial for Managers and Directors:  Library directors and managers can access a short tutorial with suggestions for working with staff, creating policies, and other administrative tasks related to protecting patron privacy. Completion certificates are available.