We want to offer services that our patrons and potential patrons want and need. These services are very expensive, so to find out what our community wants, we need to ask! We need as many responses as we can get, from as many community members as possible. We have hired data experts to help us create this survey and we need results to evaluate current and future services.

Anyone who completes the survey is eligible to win a $50 Visa gift card! You do not need a library card to participate.

The Survey – The survey is a series of online questions in SurveyMonkey. Each response will be recorded and all the results will be evaluated to help us make the best decisions for our patrons and potential patrons.

If you’d like a PDF version of the survey so you may print and share with patrons in your library who might be unlikely to complete an online survey, please contact the help desk. If you receive paper responses, please scan and email them to helpdesk@northernwaters.org.

Timeline – The survey will receive responses from July 12-July 30.

Who should complete the survey? – Everyone!

Share the survey link with:

  • All library staff
  • Library board members
  • Staff family members
  • Partners in your community
  • Businesses
  • Rotary & Lions Clubs
  • Teachers & Students
  • School, church or community newsletters

Post the survey link:

Email the survey link:

If you have permission from your patrons to contact them via email we would be happy to provide a list for you to send out the link as a BCC email.NWLS Digital Services Survey_PrintVersionFINALEDITS